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Tuesday Screenshot

The Command Tent, 24 April 2012




Devorke stood gasping for air as he watched the Duke’s men re-forming for another attack. He suddenly became aware of the stiff winter wind as it tore through his chain mail. In the heat of the battle all thoughts of the frigid temperature had left his mind. Now his blood-stained armor began to freeze against his body. Not wanting to show any sign of weakness to his men arrayed behind him on the hill, Devorke worked hard to keep himself from shivering.

At the base of the hill the Duke rallied his battered men and was pushing them forward again. Although they outnumbered Devorke’s men almost 3-to-1 their first attack had failed. The attack began shortly after dawn just as the sun was rising above the hill. Devorke had deployed his men on the crest of the hill, his thin line of spear militia guarding his precious few archers. The incline of the hill and accurate fire from his archers stalled the attack, but it regained momentum and came at Devorke’s line furiously.

The Duke’s conscripts were well-armed but ill-trained and had no reason to fight, whereas behind the hill lay the village containing the women and children of Devorke’s men. The fighting was ferocious and saw Devorke sling his bow and wade into the fighting with his sword. Finally the Duke’s men, bloodied and stunned by the village militia’s stubborn stand, turned and fled down the hill. Weary and bloody, Devorke’s men let out a cheer and many sank into the snow in utter exhaustion.

Now as Devorke looked on, the Duke’s men were beginning to hesitantly make their way up the hill for the second attack. His men would be called to fight again, for their families, their lives and their freedom.

from Mount & Blade: Warband

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