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GARPA – GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory

by Dan Pinkham and Lloyd Sabin


GARPA gets in on the inaugural GrogHeads Tanks-giving with an abbreviated entry containing a few games for all those tank commanders and enthusiast out there.

Board Games

totTank on Tank East Front by Lock ’n Load Publishing, LLC

Currently on P500 preorder

This sequel to Tank on Tank takes the game to the brutal fight on World War II’s East Front. Using the same excellent rule set found in the original game, this expansion adds two new maps and an array of new units. The game’s rules can be learned in five minutes and you can fit a game in over your lunch break. So set up a game between German Panthers and Russian T-34s and who knows maybe Steve from accounting will even eat lunch with you. You can preorder a copy today at a discount on Lock ‘n Load Publishing, LLC’s website today!







Panzer Expansion #3: Drive to the Rhine – The 2nd Front by GMT Games

P500 Orders to date: 394 Status: Not there yet

Boasting 528 counters and four double sided maps, Panzer Expansion #3 should be on every tank enthusiasts list. Expanding on the highly popular game, Panzer, this expansion includes all of the most notable German and American forces that saw action on the Western front. As the title of the series would imply the game is focused on the many armored units that roamed the fields of Western Europe. Combining this expansion with the previous games in the series you can tailor your own custom scenarios. If you feel the need to unleash your inner tank commander, drive over to GMT’s website and have a look.



Golan ’73: FAB #3 by GMT Games

P500 Orders to date: 308 Status: Not there yet

Coming in at number three in the Fast Action Battles (FAB) series designed by Rick Young, Golan ’73 takes players back to October 6, 1973 and the Yom Kippur War. Wage a pitched battle between the mechanized forces of Syria and Israel over the strategically important ground of the Golan Heights. Golan ’73 continues the FAB series tradition of presenting a game focused on speed and playability. It also promises to provide low unit density while maintaining historical accuracy and exiting play. The game includes a number of operational assets for both sides to employ while fighting across the beautifully drawn map using the FAB series standard wooden blocks. Think you have what it takes to battle for the Golan Heights? If so then preorder your copy today.




dustDust Tactics: IS-48 Super-Heavy Tank Expansion by Fantasy Flight Games

Available soon

Tired of your standard World War II gaming fare? Why not try the alternate universe of Dust Tactics where the year is 1947 and a war still wages but with new and even more deadly equipment. Take for example the soon to be released IS-48 Super Heavy Tanks aka the Karl Marx. Coming in a box containing six tanks there is also the option to build the IS-48 Lavrentiy Beria. These two tanks may be the most powerful the world has ever seen. They are equipped with a Heavy Tesla Gun which has been known to wipe out entire enemy squads, even those in cover. If you need something to dominate your miniature battlefield or just something to look cool on your shelf head on over to Fantasy Flights’ website and check these tanks out for yourself.




Digital Gaming


heroesHeroes & Generals by Reto-Moto

Greenlite by the community on STEAM

STEAM’s recently created Greenlight program has finally landed on GARPA. Greenlight allows the community to vote on which games they want to see released and supported by STEAM. A recent success story is the self-described action, strategy game, Heroes & Generals. Billed as free to play massive online FPS game with a semi-persistent strategic campaign, the game has been Greenlited and is currently in closed beta. Not only does the game promise great FPS action as well as a strategic campaign that ties it all together, but it also has plans to build across the multiple platforms. The FPS action will be taking place on the PC while the strategic game can be access via iOS/Android apps. Oh, and lest we forget in keeping with the holiday spirit, there does promise to be tanks to drive. Sound like fun? Head over to their website and sign up for the beta today.


From the guys here in the GARPA labs we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll be back in two weeks with our regularly scheduled program. For now it’s off to stuff ourselves silly with turkey

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