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garpaGARPA – GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory

by Dan Pinkham and Lloyd Sabin

The boys from GARPA are back with another list of the latest and greatest in the crowd sourcing world.

Boardgames, Cardgames, and Miniatures

Bicycle ‘Army Men’ Playing Card Deck by Adam Clarkson

$14,748 of a $10,000 goal, funding ending October 15th.

Everyone can remember as a kid playing with those green plastic army men on their mother’s living room floor. Now that we are all grown up and would never admit to still playing with them, we need something to fill that void. Enter the playing card deck with those toys from our childhood in mind. Both sides of every card as well as the card box are in keeping with the plastic solider theme. Whether playing poker with the guys or a good old fashioned game of War these cards are sure to be enjoyed by the kid that still lives in all of us. To pick up a couple of decks for yourself head over to their Kickstarter page.



Judge Dredd Miniatures Game: Block War by Matthew Sprange

$64,975 of a $2,000 goal, funding ending October 13th.

Matthew Sprange in association with Mongoose Publishing is looking to expand their already successful line of Judge Dredd miniatures. The game which has a free downloadable rulebook already contains a number of miniatures, but fans of the game wanted more. In an effort to gauge interest, the project of expanding the miniature range was taken to Kickstarter with a goal of only $2,000. Apparently the demand was high. By the second day of the project launch the original goal along with the first stretch goal had been surpassed. Now thirteen stretch goals later the project is an unbridled success and will significantly expand the Judge Dredd miniature range. To check out the project and get in on some of the action, find your way over to their Kickstarter page.


Dungeon Adventurers by Otherworld Miniatures

$24,126 of a $5,000 goal, funding ending October 24th.

To date, Otherworld Miniatures has produced a fine line of 28mm fantasy miniatures with a nod to early RPGs. However, this range of miniatures has only included monsters, humanoids, undead, etc. These certainly add to the RPG experience, but what about the player characters? Otherworld Miniatures has decided to rectify this problem and have launched an Indiegogo project to produce a line of expertly crafted miniatures for player characters. With the success of the project, plans are to produce a variety of adventurers, hirelings and henchmen. These new figures will have to contend with the hordes of monsters already unleashed by Otherworld Miniatures, but by the looks of the concept art they seem up to the task. If you are in need of some adventurers to rid you basement of the foulest of monsters then trek on over to the Indiegogo page and have a look.




g3Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer by Worthington Games

Ready for pre-order - $45.00

The second installment in Worthington Games Band of Brothers series, Ghost Panzers, follows the efforts of the 11th Panzer Division from 1941 to 1944 on the Eastern Front. Billed as a game that is simple to learn but covers the gamut of infantry, tanks, and artillery this squad level game relies on a unique suppression mechanic. Instead of having units in an unsuppressed or suppressed state Ghost Panzer uses a systems that relies on “varying degrees of suppression.” The game claims that through this system it rewards and encourages a realistic style of game play. For more information and pictures of counter and map art, check out Worthington Games’ website.



The Supreme Commander by GMT Games

Orders to Date: 680, “Made the Cut”

Having “made the cut,” The Supreme Commander is listed as ‘in art and final development’ on GMT’s website. Beginning in September of 1939 this game covers the breadth of World War II in the European Theater of Operations. The game’s P500 page states that it “delivers a detailed order of battle and meticulously researched economic and diplomatic system which allows players to play out the historical military campaigns of the war as well as the “what ifs” that may have happened.” All these elements in what claims to be a “surprisingly easy-to-learn game.” The game designed for 2-5 players playing six nations at a Crops/Army scaled level includes a full campaign as well as two scenarios which promise to “rarely play the same way twice.” Let your inner supreme commander loose and pre-order a copy today.



Mars Needs Mechanics by Nevermore Games, Richmond VA

$45,340 of $30,000 goal, funding ended October 7

Smell that? That’s London in 1873. You know what that means. Steampunk deliciousness can’t be far away. And you’re correct.
Mars Needs Mechanics is a board and card game that puts players in the shoes of an elite steam engineer looking for an appointment to the position of Royal Astronautical Engineer to be placed in charge of man’s first spacecraft missions to mars, albeit 100 years early: HMS Victoria VII.
Game systems and currency are designed to emphasize good timing and the ability of players to collect ‘cogs’ (in game money) for development of steampunk, space-age components and machines. The first engineer to pull together enough money and special components wins his trip to Mars.




Electronic Games


Dysis by One Dimension Games, Roswell, GA

For Windows/Linux/Mac

$7,501 of $5,000 goal, funding ends November 4

Dysis is described as a “real time strategy/first person shooter hybrid.” The player is given control of a group of robots that have crash-landed on the destructible surface of one of a variety of alien worlds. Incoming is an army of aliens, bent on your destruction. The player is tasked with either defending their newly created position or going on the offensive against the opposing army, in the first person, by piloting one of your robots. Dysis features a voxel-based game engine, so all of the environments are destructible and real world locations can eventually be modeled too.
Multiplayer and sandbox modes are promised. Chris Farrell, the game’s creator, is a builder and programmer of real –life robots, so the AI in Dysis should be no slouch! Keep up to date on Dysis as money continues to pour in and new goals and features are added.



Urban Zombie by Studio2511, Dallas, TX

$2,616 of $38,500 goal, funding ends October 31

Urban Zombies is an iPhone app that not only places a zombie invasion in the middle of your neighborhood that you must combat, but also lets you create a zombie army with purchased or earned zombie forces! Once assembled, deploy your zombie army in a friend’s neighborhood or town and laugh maniacally as they are shred your competition like so much pulled pork.
Intended as a social game, stats are tracked and competitions will be held to determine the best hunter overall as well as the best in individual zombie hunting categories.



Savage Outfitter by Serf Productions, Columbia MD

Digital phone app for Savage Worlds pen & paper RPG

$5,228 of $4,000 goal, funding ended October 7

Savage Outfitter is described as a “digital tools platform” for the popular Savage Worlds pen & paper RPG. Utilizing cloud technology, Savage Outfitter is a collection of linked apps that allows users to create, update and advance their Savage World characters from anywhere, at any time. Features include:
• Managing hindrances, edges, gear
• Searching premium and fan-made game assets
• Status tracking

More information on Savage Outfitter can be found here.



And that’s our latest intel for this installment. Check back in a fortnight for more. We’ve already started our list and can’t wait to share it.


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