Feedback on Razer Naga Article

Started by bayonetbrant, March 06, 2012, 12:46:51 PM

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I had not heard of that mouse so thanks for the review.

A couple of thoughts.

Unless I missed it there was one link in the article but it wasn't to the product being a reviewed and me being lazy would like a link  ;D

I am not sure I could ever justify to myself or to SWMBO spending that much on a mouse. 

There sounded like alot of cool features but nothing I can't live without. (I really don't play enough FPS online for the sensitivity settings to be a problem.)  Although the above mentioned laziness did like the sound of fewer clicks by utilizing the macros.

Again good article and it will be interesting to see if more computer mice are released with more buttons, not so much in the name of gaming but in the name of online productivity.

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Good review LB but I tend to side with the Grumpy Grog. :)
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Quote from: Shelldrake on March 07, 2012, 11:25:53 AM
Good review LB but I tend to side with the Grumpy Grog. :)

My first plunge was a Razer Lachesis. Buying a $50 mouse gets you in the game, then it just goes up.

BTW, for me, I buy the extended warranty at Bust Buy so that if it breaks (or just wears out) they replace it. So once that first mouse is bought, it's not much of a jump to upgrade and buy a new plan.

These mice aren't for everyone, but I know you like to play FPS games from time to time - being able to dial up the speed or dial it down makes a difference. ;)
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