Today's Article: Review of Schwerpunkt's WWII in Europe

Started by bayonetbrant, January 17, 2015, 02:56:53 PM

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Very nice review and very thorough....unfortunately, it sounds like this one might be a little too big for me and I have seen the comments on the UI mentioned in multiple places where it takes getting used to...who knows, maybe someday I'll jump in.


I was trying to wait for the GC to become available before purchasing. Good luck with that now...

The screenshots / review are by far the best marketing I've come across for this game. Great job Vance.


Good stuff, Vance...thanks for the review.

As you and I are hammering at each other over some of the same hedgerows pictured, could you compare it to the JT PzC series?

I care little for the sound bit, but, as my eyesight declines, I actually prefer the Tiller approach of not jamming information onto counters, but setting them off on a panel to the side.

I've also heard, as others have here, many concerns about the sounds like my kind of game, but I'd be interested in your thoughts.


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I prefer this game to the PzC series because it has much simpler rules. It's quite easy to get in and push the counters around and fight and do OK. If you learn how to get the interactions of all the easy parts to work together, a much deeper experience comes out. You can make grand sweeping blitzkrieg style moves and it feels right. The game makes the player want to learn more about how an operation is assembled and executed rather than just a bunch of disjointed combats. For me it's just a more interesting game to play.

My eyesight is declining as well, but I really prefer to have all the info on the counters like the board games of old. I just can't get the overall distribution of my forces from just the symbols. I can't tell where your strengths are or mine without clicking on every single hex every single turn.... maybe that's my mind going too or maybe I should play my turns faster.  :P

The UI is very quirky and different from all other games I've played. But it really does only take a few hours of playing the game to get how to use it effectively. It will no doubt make some run screaming from their PC.... AGW did that to me. This is much improved over AGW.