Feedback on TANKSgiving Interview with OTS about Flashpoint Campaigns

Started by bayonetbrant, November 26, 2014, 06:42:55 AM

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The biggest thing that sticks out with me are the maps. Having seen William's earlier reworks I figured they would be about the same as the ones he's been posting at Matrix but with some minor adjustments. These new ones are clearly head and shoulders above what I was expecting.


Awesome game, Awesome support from the dev's. Thanks for the interview. I really think they should release some scenario packs to keep up the momentum from the 2.06 and steam release, strike while the iron is hot kinda thing. A year from now who knows. I wish them all the success there hard work deserves.
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Budd, I believe it was mentioned that we are looking at scenario packs for Red Storm in the interim.  O0
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