Kuntari conquer the Galaxy - an Horizon AAR

Started by Anguille, May 25, 2014, 03:16:07 PM

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I've been playing around with the game since the beginning of the month. Lost my first game, have a second game going on, won the third one. Now i want to try the "classical" mode (where everyone is more or less equal at the start) and without the missions. This means that i want to be elected at the Galactical Council.

It was a beautiful day on Kuntaria and the Emperor had asked that all the Lords of the clans should come to the capital city.

The Kuntari Emperor said in the Korum:

- Our scientists have managed to build up the first spaceship capable to go another star. I have therefore decided that we should send scout ships to see if we can colonize new planets. Does anyone have an objection?
- No objections, Milord, but a questions, said Krunaio, Lord of the Kruni Clan. What will we do if we meet alien races?
- Well...either they will be our friends...or we will crush them!
- Ey Ey Ey, shouted the lords.

The Kuntari system is on the top of the universe

The Kuntari scouts inspect the neighbouring systems

An ocean planet is discovered in the Lyr system. The Korum decides to send a colony ship, all volunteers, in order to create a first outpost.

After a few years, the Kuntari control 2 solar systems and have visited a few more...so far, no other civilizations....


Nice!  I'm really looking forward to this.  I just picked up Distant Worlds: Universe and I've been keeping my eye on Horizons for some time now.  You may make or break my decision with this one.   8)
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I like the map.  It helps in determining whether or not I will like a game.  So far so good.
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Hi guys,

Great to have you on board...

After the exploration of a few systems, the Korum is undecided on what to do next. Kenra III is a great planet with a potential of 5G of population...the question is not if it will be colonized but if it should be done now.

The Emperor finally decides to send the second colony ship into outer space. The colony ships have a longer range than the scout ships and can also explore...if there's a suitable planet, this would extend the range of exporation.  After a few years, the ship explores the Gurz system. On Gurz I, a huge deposit of gold is found, so this is the third colony of the Kuntaris. The colony ship is then ordered to return to Kuntaria for refit. This will take however  a few more years because the Kuntari still need to build a space station capable of doing this in space. Such a station is fairly expensive (10 G) and the budget has other priorities. A new colony ship (number 3) is under construction.

Thanks to the existence of the new colony, the scouts are sent to explore new systems around.

Meanwhile, Kenra III has been colonised and one scout has discovered a very attractive system: Technos. The system has a planet with rich deposits as well as a huge ocean planet well suited for a large population...this is the next system that will be colonised.


The Kuntari scientists have been ordered to focus on propulsion technology so the mighty ships of the Kuntari Empire could go further and further into the unknown space.

In Lumina, the scout discovers another great planet suited for colonisation...a giant ocean planet for 3.75 G of population!

Finally, in 2232, a new colony ship is ready to colonize Technos.

In 2242, Technos has been colonised and we've visited 12 solar systems...so far, we still haven't encountered any race....are the Kuntari alone in the universe?


Very interesting.  The ship range border kind of reminds me of Birth of the Federation.   O0
"You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I could have called you friend."

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A soldier entered the Korum and walked toward the throne of the Emperor:

- Sire, our scout ship in Lemuria has spotted an alien ship...
- What? Did they establish contact?
- No Milord, the foreign ship went away without responding to the messages of our scout ship.
- Thank you soldier, you may leave now, the Korum will have to discuss future steps to be taken.

A few weeks later, a message arrived on the channels of Kuntaria...the strange aliens called themselves Har'Kans and were a very old race.

Along with the message came the coordinates of the homeworld of the Har'Kans...their Homesystem was on the other side of the Galaxy! How was it possible that one of their scouts was able to reach the Lemuria system?

When looking at the data, it seemed logical...and frightening....the Har'Kan had colonised a lot of planets....more than the double of the Kuntari...so this meant that a colony of the Har'Kanes had to be in the vicinity...


Yikes!  Looks like the Har'Kan already have quite the leg up on you!  What difficulty level are you playing on? 

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Quote from: Martok on May 28, 2014, 07:54:12 AM
Yikes!  Looks like the Har'Kan already have quite the leg up on you!  What difficulty level are you playing on?
Ah...was wondering when you would show up  ;)

Playing on normal difficulty...


As the space station is nearing completion, The Korum orders all the colony ships to return to Kuntaria so they can be refitted for another mission of colonization.

At the same time, scientists put their main efforts on communications technologies in order to improve the chances of the diplomats.

While the Har'Kan have colonized more planets than the Kuntari, their population seems to be smaller...could it be that they don't reproduce as fast? This would be a decisive advantage in a war in case the diplomatic solution wouldn't work.

In 2296, the first reffited colony ship is ordered to colonize the Lemuria system which is the closest to Har'Kan space. This will become a military outpost.


In 2297, some strange ships are spotted in the Gurz System

Shortly after, the main command center on Kuntaria gets the greetings of a new race called the Gargal...

Based on the first information the Kuntari intelligence managed to get, the Gargal have colonized only a few systems and should therefore not be a major threat. Their homeworld is not so far from the Kuntari space so they will still have to keep an eye on them.

The Korum decides to send a colony ship to the Ren system  in order to create a military outpost to watch out the activities of the Gargals.

The news of the galaxy informs the Kuntari that the Gargals, despite the fact that they have less planets, seem to manage their industrial infrastructures better than the Kuntari...this could be a problem.


Only a few years later, a new encounter takes place...these ships don't look like anything the Kuntari have seen before....they look old and dangerous.

Soon contact is established with the Kor'Thaz Alliance...a very old and powerful race.

While their homeworld is far away, they have, very much like the Har'Kan, colonised a big number of planets. They seem to be the most dangerous race.

Indeed, shortely after the first contact has been established, the Kor'Thaz declare war on the Kuntari...

The Korum orders all men on the different planets situated on the  frontier of the Empire to be ready for battle. The Kuntari have no intelligence on the location of enemy planets so it's difficult to predict when and if an attack will occur!


uh oh - how does your military might match up?


Quote from: undercovergeek on May 30, 2014, 03:30:08 AM
uh oh - how does your military might match up?
Actually not very well... :o

I have spent a lot on colonization and the starbase orbiting Kuntaria...


In 2311, one our scouts explores the Valeria system where he takes this picture...

The Korum is united once more and discusses the latest events:

- Clan leaders, the situation is changing a lot...we are meeting new races on a regular basis now , we need to improve our fleet and our diplomatic skills.
- Did we really think we would have the universe only for ourselves? Said another clan leader.
- I propose that we send a diplomatic mission to Valeria. We cannot take the risk to have another enemy at our door.
- Agreed

The Diplomatic ship arrived on Valeria, the following year. Discussions with the Kamzak went well and the Kuntari managed to establish a commercial treaty between the two empires.