Academic Analyses of Hobby Games Players

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by Brant Guillory, from his time as a student at the University-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named, back in 2006

A presentation that combined 2 different survey-based studies of hobby games players.  The first focused on informal learning and academic achievement, the second was the fresh-off-the-presses factor analyses of the big GAMA gamer motivation study in 2006.  I combined the two into one presentation because, well, frankly because a bunch of the Comm School faculty (yes, you Chip, and Dan, and Andrew) didn’t think I had any actual research I was doing because I wasn’t following their wagging tails down the “political communication” primrose path.  Instead, I stuffed their faces with 2 different surveys that partnered with audiences well beyond the typical “bunch undergrads borrowed from a giant auditorium course” and though the methodology I used needed some refinement, the point was that I was already thinking well beyond their paradigms, and that just added to their dislike of me.

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