GrogHeads Holiday Buying Guide 2015

frontier wars 728x90 KS


Do people claim you’re hard to shop for? Just point this to this list, and hope they get the hint! Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of games on the list, but first, some fun stuff ~




hbg-tankHey, we’re not that far removed from TANKSgiving, so why not an M1 tank? It’s 1:16 scale, can get up to 60 feet from your remote, and for some reason has actual headlights. Cruise the back yard, chase the dog, and assault the annoying neighbors.

And if the modern M1 isn’t your thing, you can go back to WWII and bust out a Jagdpanther, too.



Keep tabs on your tank with a drone sporting an onboard computer that lets you fly manually, or programmed and on autopilot. It can orbit, fly over, or hover, without you touching a remote.  Just don’t ask what it costs – remember, you’re not supposed to pay for it!


Can’t wait for the new Star Wars flick? You can always show your Star Wars love on a daily basis toting around a backpack whose design is straight out of the new movie.



Heading out for the holidays?  Can’t be without your multitool, but still annoyed the TSA won’t even let you bring a set of nail clippers on the plane?  How about a TSA-compliant Leatherman Style?  Your flight is now boarding.



How often have you heard “the movie was good but the book was better”? Well, here’s a combo that lets you compare. Hyena Road as both a movie and a book, watch, read, compare, and let us know what you think.




See, we were going to get to them…


HBG-sword-coastRPG – Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

With the reboot of D&D into the 5th edition comes the reboot of the Forgotten Realms setting that’s been around for over 20 years, since 2nd edition was unleashed on the world. Whereas previous FR adventures have focused on the Dalelands or the far North or Raven’s Bluff, the reboot is focusing on the Sword Coast between Neverwinter and Baldur’s Gate, including Waterdeep. It’s designed as background material for players and DMs, so no spoiler alerts necessary. Think of it as a social studies book you actually want to read.


Wargame – They Come Unseen

There’s been a handful of submarine games released over the past 2-3 years, including one of our previous Readers’ Choice Award winners. They Come Unseen now joins the wolfpack of U-boat games, incorporating the cat-and-mouse machinations of the surface fleets hunting the subs. The designer was a former Royal Navy submariner, so we he knows of what he speaks.



Minis – Star Wars Armada Wave 2

The fleet battle game from FFG has taken the world universe by storm, and here come the reinforcements. New star destroyers, bounty hunters, smugglers, and more. And because there’s a handful of options in the list, the prices vary from “I felt like I had to get you something” all the way up to “I was going to get you a car, but you seemed like you really wanted these instead.”


Wargames – Heroes of the Pacific

There’s a metric monkey-load of squad-level WWII East Front games. There’s an imperial monkey-load of squad-level WWII West Front games, especially if you like refighting Normandy. However, it’s a lot tougher to find squad level shootouts in the PTO. Until now. Check out our review of LNLP’s Heroes of the Pacific if you’re still not sold, but really, you’re just delaying the inevitable at this point, so go on and order it.


hbg-bloodRageBoard Game – Blood Rage

Ragnarok & Roll! It’s the end of days for the Viking clans, and you’re pushing your miniature army across the tabletop to capture the glory of a place in Valhalla. There’s gods, demigods, and heroes, quests and cards, bluffing and battles, and with a visual ‘wow’ factor that’s going to bring other gamers to the table with you.


Wargame – Wing Leader – Victories 1940-1942

Our GrogHeads can’t stop talking about this one (ed note: until, y’know, we need someone to write an official review of it) and there’s a reason – it completely revolutionizes the way 3d aerial warfare is depicted on a 2d tabletop map. Squadron counters are even customized with their specific paint schemes and insignia.  Time to take flight and start shooting.


PC Game – Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa

Another East Front game? Sigh. Waitaminut – it’s got commander personalities, a logistics model that doesn’t devolve into bean-counting, and various black swan injects? Sign us up! Oh wait, we already did 🙂


iPad – Loot and Legends

Our love of Card Hunter knows no bounds, but you can’t really play it with a touchscreen tablet. Enter Loot & Legends, the Card Hunter implementation for the iOS. Gary and Melvin are back, and new adventure insanity ensues.


hbg-neuschawbWargame – Neuschwabenland

The mythical German settlement of Antarctica has captured the imagination of many alt-WWII writers and designers. Tiny Battles Publishing takes it one step further and throws in the X-Files alien invasion of Antarctica with it. The cold-weather troops of the Third Reich battle it out with an endless wave of alien invaders.


Board Game – 7 Wonders Duel

7 Wonders is a fantastic game for the city-building set… as long as you have at least 3 players. The two-player implementation of the original 7 Wonders was, well, let’s go with “problematic”. So here comes a 2-player specific version that retains the familiar many-paths-to-victory mechanics, but rebalanced for 2 folks that have it in for each other.

So what’s on your holiday wish list?  Let us know below, or in our forums.  

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