2014 GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting

frontier wars 728x90 KS

ed note: After the shutdown of Twiigs.com, our polls disappeared, so you’ll see a lot of headers, but no polls, on older Readers Choice posts.  We’re using someone new now, so perhaps the older polls will still be visible.

We solicited your input all year long.  We asked – nay, begged – for your nominations for the best in gaming throughout 2013.  The polls that follow are your polls, that let our readers vote on their own nominations.  Don’t like the choices?  Hey, we’re already looking for nominations for 2014’s best in strategy gaming.

Now – getcher votes in!  Tell your friends!  Come back at the end of the month to see who wins!


Tabletop Games

note that we got absolutely no (zero, zip, zilch, nada) nominations for any miniatures games

Tabletop Wargame of the Year

Tabletop Strategy Game of the Year

Tabletop Magazine Game or Scenario of the Year

Tabletop Game Expansion of the Year

Tabletop Release / Reissue of the Year

2013 Tabletop Game of the Year


Digital Games

Digital Wargame of the Year

Digital RTS of the Year

Digital FPS / Action Game of the Year

Digital RPG of the Year

Digital Expansion / DLC / Mod of the Year

Digital Turn-Based Strategy Game of the Year

Mobile / Android / iOS Game of the Year

Digital “We-Don’t-Know-What-to-Call-These” Game of the Year

2013 Digital Game of the Year

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11 Responses to 2014 GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting

  1. Brian Train says:

    Guess I’m allowed a vote….

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    Ogre DE should have been included in the “Tabletop Re-release / Re-issue of the year” category.

  3. Patrick Boyer says:

    Where is SimCity 2013?

    • Brant Guillory says:

      No one nominated it! This list is compiled exclusively from nominations within our forums. When we say it’s a “readers choice” award, we’re not joking 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    I can’t believe Flashpoint Campaigns is really the top game. Filled with bugs, and some seriously flawed gameplay mechanics.

    • Cap'n Darwin says:


      I don’t think we have any more or less bugs than any other released title out there and we have been working on fixing and enhancing the game from day 1 of release. I would interested in in what you see as “seriously flawed” gameplay mechanics so our team can address them.


  5. joe says:

    Rome 2 even nominated and winning the “turn based” goty……it should not be in the turn based selection it is clearly an rts clickfest.

  6. ArcadianRook says:

    I don’t think that lumping Card Hunter in with all of those other games was particularly fair to CH.
    That said, it’s not really a game that’s easily defined and probably should have been put into the “We Don’t Know What To Call It” category.

    • ArcadianRook says:

      Derp… I did not see that it was also in the RPG category. Typo, then. In the RPG Category, there should be a space between “Card” and “Hunter”

      • Brant Guillory says:

        We can’t fix the typos without resetting the results of the poll – same thing happened in the overall tabletop category, where it says “2014” instead of “2013”.

        We also randomize the sequence of the responses in each category to prevent any sort of bias toward responses at the top of the list, so looking through them alphabetically won’t work.

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