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Strategic Command: World War I is released and now is your chance to relive the War that should have Ended all Wars.  Choose which side you want to lead, The Triple Entente or the Central Powers, and witness firsthand the importance of strategic planning coupled with the need for cooperation between all the nations in your alliance.  Once again, Slitherine has teamed up with Grogheads to offer our readers an exclusive discount code! Click below for details on this exciting new title and for your exclusive 30% discount code!


Strategic Command is back, and this time it is bringing you the Great War! Relive this momentous conflict from the opening shots of 1914 to the final offensives. From the bloody fields of Flanders to the sweeping advances in the east, the fighting in Italy, the Balkans and Middle East, Strategic Command: World War I covers all the main aspects and theaters of the war.

Undermine the enemy’s will to resist through diplomacy and political intrigue while mobilizing your forces and developing new technologies and ways of waging war. From the Tank to the Aeroplane, the Submarine to the Aircraft Carrier, this war witnessed a massive outpouring of new weapons, and all of these are at your disposal to research and deploy.

Using the same upgraded engine as their recent hex-based WWII Grand Strategy games, Strategic Command: World War I allows you to enjoy the challenges faced by commanders on both sides of the 20th century’s first great conflict.

From the High Seas Fleet to Lawrence of Arabia, the Russian Revolution and the Zimmermann Telegram, the war will be won through strategic ingenuity as well as force. Can a German invasion of France capture Paris in a sweeping advance via Belgium? Can a naval blockade defeat the Central Powers? Will Russia succumb to revolution? All these questions and many more are yours to answer.

France, Italy, Russia, Serbia, the UK and the USA will be facing off against Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire in our flagship campaign. Many other countries will likely enter the war on either side, such as Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Romania. Not forgetting of course the immense contribution of the British Empire to the Entente’s war effort.


New unit types have been added including ANZACs, Colonial Corps and Mountain Corps.

Units are able to move and entrench, and trenches can be improved through researching Trench Warfare. Naval Mines can be laid to protect your sea lanes – or to impede those of your opponent. Reconnaissance Bombers will fulfill their historic role of spotting for the Artillery.


Three campaigns: 1914 Call to Arms, 1914 Triple Alliance (where Italy joins the Central Powers) and 1917 Fate of Nations.


-This game features a greatly improved interface and a return to hexes

-Friendly Majors can be set to be AI-controlled, and this selection can be adjusted at any time in the game. You can even switch sides should you wish to

-Games can be played via a PBEM++ Multiplayer server with a Challenge Lobby and seamless in game sending/receiving of turns

-The war is fought on a 20 mile per hex map of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Atlantic, as seen in our recent WWII: War in Europe release, though with some special modifications suitable for WWI, such as the addition of Ypres and Gallipoli

-Victory will require developing new military doctrines to improve your commanders’ abilities, the combat effectiveness of your units, and even your ability to deploy new technologies like the Tank and Fighter aircraft

-You can minimize the Decision box to examine the map and assess the situation prior to responding to any Decisions, and many decisions have additional notes providing their historical context and advice

-Enhanced Fog of War clearly shows the limits of your units’ spotting range

-Dynamic Movement allows units that haven’t used up all their Action Points to be de-selected and re-selected again later, making planning your moves so much easier.

-Naval Cruise allows you to move your naval units swiftly over longer distances

-Naval units can only be reinforced in stages, preventing instant repair following significant damage.

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