Field of Glory II: Dark Ages!

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Prepare to be sacked!

FoG2 WatG Artwork


The next installment for Field of Glory II is coming and nobody will be able to stem the tide. According to our contacts at Slitherine, Wolves at the Gate “depicts the epic struggles that newly forked European kingdoms had to face for their survival during the ‘Dark Ages’, a long period of recurrent conflicts that eventually gave birth to Europe.

By: Grogheads Press

The era was marked by the aggressive expansion of the Umayyad Caliphate and its fights against the Byzantine Empire, the last bastion against the Islamic advance in the middle-east. Meanwhile, in Europe, Charlemagne, King of the Franks and the crowned Emperor of the Romans put the foundations of the Carolingian Renaissance and the beginning of the Translatio Imperii in the West.


Vikings and Irish!

But no one could have been prepared for the uncountable waves of ruthless raiders that from the end of the eight century onward ravaged the Continent and much of the “civilized” world. Vikings, Magyars and Saracens besieged and sacked the towns and Holy places of Christendom, establishing powerful and feared realms.




The Arabs

On May 30th, the Wolves are scheduled to arrive along with a new update for everyone adding a much demanded feature to the game – Allies! With this new update, it will be possible to choose to have allies from a different army list in both single and multi-player custom battles. The main army list provides the majority of the troops available for selection, the allies provide a smaller proportion. Get more details here:

Summary of features for Wolves at the Gate:
19 new factions
55 new units
76 new army lists
6 new Epic Battles
74 new Quick Battles
Expanded Custom Battles module.
Expanded Sandbox Campaign module.
6 new historically-based campaigns.

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