What The Heck Is Gus Doing?

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Hi. Yes, it’s been a while. Once I fall off the wagon of writing regularly, it’s difficult to get back on. You know how it is. So this bit you’re reading right here is my attempt to get back on the wagon.


This is Sparta!

Lloyd Sabin,

So What the Heck have I been doing lately? Well, I just got done playing and reading through some dark fantasy and horror. That ultimately resulted in me finishing the main quests in The Witcher 3, my old action RPG standby. I am now done with the main story line, the Hearts of Stone expansion and the Blood and Wine expansion. It is bittersweet to be done with those main stories, because they are some of the best fantasy tales I have ever read or gamed. I still have 60+ percent of The Witcher 3 left to explore, though, according to the GOG client! So I will of course return to the game now and then to get a fix of monster slaying.

I also had to stop playing Resident Evil 7 because it just got to be too gross for me. I was about half way through the game and each time I fired it up I felt like I was going to have a heart attack…it really is that frightening and disturbing. For a while I loved it, but I have put that aside, for now.

Finally, I also took another stab at advancing a bit in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and made absolutely zero progress. I’m still stuck on the same level I was stuck on about 6 months ago. However, Hellblade is another one of those games that is so well done that I will of course return to that as well…eventually.

So where does that leave me?

In ancient Greece, obviously. I am switching it up a bit and putting the fantasy and horror titles aside for now and am plunging headlong into the Wrath of Sparta campaign in Rome 2: Total War. Some early campaign images are below.

I am playing as Sparta (naturally) and for a period of history that I do not know much about, it is proving quite entertaining. I will also be sprinkling in a fan made campaign in Field of Glory 2 on the Greco-Persian Wars entitled The Darius Campaign.  Of course, there will also be Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. I want to introduce myself properly to Odyssey, since it is so highly rated, so I am waiting for an evening when I am not totally drained from work, family and everything else and can appropriately dive in. Hopefully later today or this week some time. I expect to get dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of great screen shots from Odyssey.

So that’s What the Heck I have been doing. Hopefully, the guy who reads this will enjoy this new stream of consciousness type of article and tell one or two other people about it. If not, no big whoop…it’s stream of consciousness and I can switch it up! Oh and by the way, while playing the first few turns of Wrath of Sparta, I have been attempting to read through The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta – The Persian Challenge, by Paul A. Rahe. It’s proven pretty dense for reading before bed so far, but I am going to continue trying!

I have also discovered the dark wave band Dead Can Dance…A band I thought I knew, but I think I confused with Dead or Alive…NOT the same thing.

Anyway, enjoy the Wrath of Sparta images below. I haven’t fought any battles yet as Sparta, but that will change soon. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here next week.


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