Order of the Hex

frontier wars 728x90 KS

The Order of the Hex

The Order of the Hex is GrogHeads’ recognition of outstanding achievements in wargaming.

The Order of the HexWhy the “Order of the Hex”?

Few things are as associated with wargaming as a hexagonal grid. Regardless of genre, scale, scope, or size of the wargame, hexes the expected standard on the map, and wargames without hexes frequently feel the need to justify their omission. The Order of the Hex is a recognition of achievements in wargaming and strategy gaming, and therefore GrogHeads has chosen something immediately identifiable to our fellow Grogs as clearly wargame-centric, as well as being highly unlikely to be co-opted by anyone else.


How does a game get recognized?

When preparing a review of a game – a review, not a preview, screenshot feature, or interview – the reviewer may nominate the game to the staff, along with a detailed explanation of why it is nominated, and how it stands out from similar game along those lines.

The staff ultimately bestows the honor based on consensus discussion.

This is not something we undertake lightly, and mere nominations are not sufficient for induction. Moreover, a lack of induction into the Order of the Hex is not an indication that a game is lacking. Induction into the Order of the Hex is recognition above and beyond what is currently in the market, not recognition for merely being successful.