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Thunder in the East: A First-time Player’s Perspective


Our guest author takes us to ConSimWorld Expo for a report on VPG’s upcoming east front mini-monster ~

Christian Snyder, 21 July 2018

I recently had the amazing opportunity to sit down with some good folks at ConsimWorld Expo’s Monster Conand play Frank Chadwick’s Thunder in the East for the first time; it was fantastic! Full disclosure: I am currently awaiting my Kickstarter copy of the game and had seen some Vassal play prior to arriving in Tempe, Arizona. Seeing the game on videos and reading the rulebook, however, are nothing compared to sitting down to play with the printer’s proof copy at the show. Since the game is not available, this is not a review, but a first impression focusing on what impressed me about seeing, playing, and meeting the development team for Frank Chadwick’s ETO Vol. I: Thunder in the East.

Frank Chadwicks ETO Vol I thunder in the east

Frank Chadwick’s ETO Vol I: Thunder in the East! Nice maps, charts and counters!

Thunder in the East is a dynamic, action packed game covering the entire Eastern Front of World War 2 in six scenarios starting with the German Operation Barbarossa and ending with the Soviet Operation Bagration. You can do each scenario singularly or start a full campaign from these points with incredible systems for morale, seasonal activities, economy and unit reorganization. My experience consisted of three playthroughs of Operation Barbarossa using the optional and campaign game rules. For each of our playthroughs, we were typically unconcerned with capturing Moscow. However, to capture Moscow, along with Stalin, would have been a scenario automatic victory.

GrogHeads Reviews High Treason!

See you in court! ~

Jim Owczarski, 18 February 2017

Function before form!

Function before form!

My love of the Napoleonic era is high, wide, and deep, but I’ve always taken the age of empire to be my second true love, if such a thing can be countenanced.  Much of my early study of the era came from Jan Morris’ Pax Britannica trilogy, particularly the first volume, Heaven’s Command.  Far from an academic exercise, it’s an evocative series of sketches of the men and women who peopled the British empire, giving more weight, it has always seemed to me, to the interesting as opposed to the more objectively significant, although one can certainly be both.

The Tuesday Interview – Wargaming Luminary Alan Emrich

The man behind Victory Point Games, and much more, joins us for this week’s chat ~

Michael Eckenfels, 24 January 2017

What was the first wargame you taught to someone else?

I started with a subscription to S&T, and so taught NAPOLEON AT WATERLOO to my gaming buddies. One of their dad’s had a treasure trove of Avalon Hill games in the garage, and we played those all summer! That was… 1973, I think.


What was the first wargame you ever designed (even if it didn’t see the light of day)?

Really, I’m more of a developer than a designer. I did some very satisfying work on Cosmic Encounter (designing a lot of expansion material) “back in the day,” and have done so much development work on some games I have ended up their “co-designer,” but I’m a rare bird in our industry to is happy developing games for others.

GrogHeads Reviews Healthy Heart Hospital

Michael gives Victory Point Games’ new hospital a checkup ~

Michael Eckenfels, 19 February 2016


The idea of running a hospital might not sound like an exciting one. Dealing with things such as insurance, billing, costs, pharmaceuticals, and of course those pesky dead patients, doesn’t exactly scream ‘fun.’ (Just add the so-called “Affordable Care Act” to the mix and see how unbalanced your enjoyment could possibly be.) Hospital games aren’t exactly new, of course (Theme Hospital, Emergency Room, and so on), but most of the ones I’ve heard of are all for playing on a computer, not on a tabletop.

When a copy of Healthy Heart Hospital by Victory Point Games became available, though, it was intriguing to me not only because I hadn’t heard of too many games along the lines of running a hospital (and yes, I know, just search BGG with the term “hospital” and several pop up – I just hadn’t heard of any of them), but also because I worked as a paramedic many years ago and had spent a lot of time in a lot of different hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, and other such places.

The game box.

The game box.

GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #84

Give us a break… we’ve been watching football all day ~


Forgotten War, The Korean War ASL (MMP)
Preorder price $96

ASL goes to Korea… officially! Seriously, what else do you need to know. OK, how about what’s in the box? 7 countersheets and 4 maps, plus a bunch of rules additions. Now, the caveat – you need the ASL base rules to play, so in addition to your $96 here, you still need a bunch of other stuff to play. But hey, you can finally get off the Eastern front, or the beaches of Normandy, or wherever you’ve been treading water in your ASL games. Storm over to MMP’s site and place your pre-order and re-fight the first conventional battles of the Cold War.