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What’s Gus Playing? Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare pt3

GrogHeads’ moon midget muses meanderingly on martial mayhem ~

Lloyd Sabin, 19 March 2018

I loved this game. A lot.

And now…the last round of my gushing praise for Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare. I loved this game. A lot. Particularly the single player campaign.

You may know this already from the gushing I did last week, and the week before that. This is it, I swear. Next week will feature a whole new game and set of screen shots to gush over. Or despise. Who knows, really?

Anything can happen when it comes to what I am playing on my PC, for I am so very fickle, hour to hour. Here, have these screenies

What’s Gus Playing? Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare pt2

Our Space Smurf salubriously slobbers on super sassy screenshots ~

Lloyd Sabin, 12 March 2018

[I] will now regale you with a new collection of super sassy screenshots

You may have surmised that I really loved Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (IW) from last week’s installment, what with the gushing praise for everything it does right and just a mere mention of the one (very annoying) audio bug I encountered.

I still stand by everything I said last week and will now regale you with a new collection of super sassy screenshots. Two years on and this game is still incredibly beautiful, if not overly lengthy. It goes without saying that I wish it was twice or three times as long as it was. Maybe I’ll even replay it eventually… yeah I’m pretty sure I will, that’s how much I enjoyed it.

I took so many screenshots of IW that I feel obliged to make use of them here. Apologies if you’re just not that in to it. It happens. Perhaps one more gaggle of screens next week and I will move on, I promise. But for now…more gushing!

What’s Gus Playing? Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare pt1

Our bite-size bald battler blasts baddies ~

Lloyd Sabin, 5 March 2018

And each one of these set-piece battles is invigorating…not just exciting, not just well done, but hard driving, balls to the wall fun

Some games just grab on and never let go – especially in the world of first person shooters. Call of Duty has a long and proud gaming history, replete with fantastic single player campaigns, but has met a downturn in the last few years.

With the installment of Infinite Warfare (IW), the single player component was not only revitalized, it was supercharged. IW has received some flak from some players, but honestly I cannot see why. In the single player campaign alone players get to fight in space-based dogfights, lead infantry assaults, besiege giant capital ships, fight mechs and even, for a few fleeting moments, pilot a huge battlecruiser.

And each one of these set-piece battles is invigorating…not just exciting, not just well done, but hard driving, balls to the wall fun, with all kinds of space-based troop types including sailors, marines, battle droids, assault troops…if you can think of it, it is probably included in IW. And the arsenal at your command? As you level up, the player’s arsenal reaches fantastic levels of wonder. Each weapon has an intricate design and a serious heft to them that the player can feel, and using them is just a blast (heh).

GrogHeads Reviews Ogre (6th Edition)

Steve Jackson Games relaunches Ogre and we take a look at what’s inside ~

Michael Eckenfels, 25 November 2017

Despite my longevity with board gaming, and my particular fondness for Steve Jackson Games’ products (see our slew of Car Wars nostalgia articles I wrote), I never played Ogre. Ever.

I’ve been a student of military history since I was eight years old – about the time the first Ogre game came out, but that was because of a visit to Pearl Harbor and not because of the game. I’d seen Ogre in my various favorite game stores over the years, but I just never had enough interest in it to ever buy it. I could see the appeal of a futuristic David vs. Goliath conflict, but it didn’t appeal to me. I much preferred large armies duking it out over epic-sized maps to small-scale tactical combat. Even a gigantic tank rumbling without a care over desperate small units trying to stop it didn’t appeal much.

Alien vs Predator – First Look!

Michael digs into the sci-fi shootout game ~

Michael Eckenfels, 2 October 2017

Digging into a battle game with a pair of iconic sci-fi franchises facing off… again.

More coming on this one in the future…

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