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Tuesday Screenshot – Rise of Venice


Monty, 20 January 2015

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Screenie-Rise of Venice (2)

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Tuesday Screenshot – Skyward Collapse

A very squared-away game

Monty, 6 January 2015

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Skyward Collapse

An adventure in the sky, but careful where you step…



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Tuesday Screenshot – Divinity Dragon Commander

Toys? Gaming? Both?!

Monty, 23 December 2014

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Divinity Dragon Commander (9)

Toys for everyone
Even in video games
Must be holidays


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Tuesday Screenshot – Saints Row 3

 The dark nights of Saint’s Row 3

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Saint's Row 3

Bad time to bail out
On a joyride down dark city streets
Lamp posts rarely give

Image: Chris Beck
Haiku: eh, who cares, right?

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Tuesday Screenshot – Sword of the Stars

The Tuesday Screenshot rockets into Sword of the Stars.

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Sword of the Stars 2

Big ship; gamer happy
Ostentatious name is cool
Let’s go kill something!

Image: Monty & Haiku: Brant

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Bionic Dues – PC Game Preview

Developer & Publisher: Arcen Games

The fact that Arcen Games is so efficient and fast at churning out new games suggests that they might have access to a maniacal AI robot army. But many gamers agree that the chance for that AI army to go rogue and dominate mankind is worth being able to plays games such as the excellent AI Wars series, A Valley without Wind I and II, Shattered Haven, Tidalis, and Skyward Collapse. Now Arcen Games is poised to make a new release tomorrow, October 8 – a Roguelike, turned-based, strategy and RPG game called Bionic Dues. Set in a universe similar to AI Wars, the player is tasked with leading a party of four customizable mechs against a nearly unending mob of nefarious robots.


But Roguelikes are a bit hard to pin down, and I could spend paragraphs describing all of the nuances and options available at the player’s fingers (and there seems to be many, particularly considering the loot system that evokes Diablo ARPG-style loot modifiers and collection). Instead, why not simply SHOW you what the game is like!

So join me on a pictorial AAR as I direct steel melting laser directly into the heart of the AI swarm!

Upon loading up the game, you are greeted with an attractive cityscape. To the left side, the player’s HQ health, player representation, four-bot squad, and store button are show, all displaying extensive and highly descriptive tool-tips at the mere hover of the mouse. To the right is the list of the AI swarm that is inexorably making its way towards my HQ. I have 50 turns (at them point, actually only 46, I’ve done a few missions) to strengthen my forces and weaken theirs before the final battle.


The city scape is also where you choose your missions. Here I am choosing to take on an AI firefight, but I could tear down some barricades impeding my path, strike at an AI-claimed factory, or rescue a capture dignitary.

Before entering the mission, I should probably look at my bots to customize their inventories.


Tuesday Screenshot – Europa Universalis IV

click to enlargeMonty Tuesday Screen Sept


Woe to the world when, through luck, shrewd marriages, and a small war, the great overseas Spanish and Portuguese Empires merge under a single crown.

Video Review: Risk Legacy

Review by Son of Montfort, 21 August 2013

Monty reviews Risk Legacy

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