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GrogHeads Holiday Buying Guide 2016

Folks have no idea what to do for the Grog on their lists? Here we come to save the day! ~

GrogHeads Staff, 04 December 2016


This year, we’re leading off with the games, and there’s some excellent ones to choose from this year.  Leading off, we’ve got Mark Walker’s ’65 Squad-Level Combat in Vietnam, a gorgeous card-driven game with the biggest counters this side of…  well, of Night of Man, another FPG offering.  Refight the Vietnam War, one firefight at a time, and if you grab it now, it’s over $20 off!


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #97


GrogHeads Staff, 30 September 2016

The Russian Campaign, Designer’s Edition (GMT Games / Consim Press)
p500 $42 / MSRP $60

The Russian Campaign is an oft-revered game frequently mentioned among the ‘gold standards’ of classic wargaming.  It’s also been been mentioned with sputtered mutterings that vaguely sounds like “it costs how much?!?!”  Well, here’s your chance to get your hands on your own new, updated, corners-waiting-to-be-clipped copy of the classic.  You get 5 scenarios, counters with both NATO and icon artwork, full color rules & players aids, and 30 years of refinements and improvements to the rules, examples of play, game balance.  Blitz your way over to the p500 page to get your money down.


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #94

After a summer hiatus, here comes GARPA! ~

GrogHeads Staff, 05 August 2016

The Last Hundred Yards (GMT)
p500 $38, MSRP $59 – not there yet

Because what you really need is another tactical level WWII game, right?  But this one includes a significant dose of battlefield chaos and an emphasis on the decisions made by the men on the ground far more than the technical capabilities of their gear.  Early feedback from GMT’s Weekend at the Warehouse is positive, so check it out.


Twilight Struggle: An AAR – Part 14

Our AAR of the new digital Twilight Struggle enters Turn 2 ~

Michael Eckenfels, 30 April 2016





And let’s see what Red-influenced hits keep on a-rollin’…



He plays this card for its Event, giving him Control of Romania.

GrogCast Origins Previews: Enterprise Games

GrogCast Origins Previews: Enterprise Games
The GrogCast

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29 April 2016 ~

We’re continuing our Origins 2016 previews with our Central Command Sponsors and this week Don from Enterprise Games chats with us about their sponsorship deal with GMT Games, that lets us run events for GMT at Origins.  Enterprise Games will have their booth in the main exhibit hall instead of the wargaming area, and Don also gives you the scoop on what he’s bringing along.

podcast SPLASH-Origins

Incidentally, if you place an order with them, they’ll bring it to the show for you!

Our Origins previews are short, sweet, and focused on the show.  It’s a Gus-fun-sized package of goodness as we ramp up for the show.  Stay tuned for more previews from the rest of our friends.

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