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GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #64

It’s always GARPA, GARPA, GARPA!

Holdfast Korea 1950-1951 (Worthington Publishing)
$9500 of $2500, ends 3 March 2015

On the heels of their successful Holdfast Russia game, the boys at Worthington are back with a Korean War game that lets replay the first year of the war with the same basic rules system.  Guard the Pusan perimeter, and outflank your opponent with an amphibious landing, conquer your opponent, and have the news break into a radio drama to tell the world about it.  But first, get your pledge into Kickstarter, and if you and a friend team up, you can save a few bucks by pledging two copies.



GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #62

We’re all over the map this week – RPGs, classic wargaming, digital games, and an Euro-style space 4x that’s taking off like a rocket —


Arms Race – The Cold War Era (Max Sprin)
C$366 of C$1200, ends 9 February 2015

Here’s a twist on a digital Kickstarter campaign – you’re pledging to help get the expansion done, and as a part of your pledge, you get the already-ready-to-play-already base game.  So for C$20 (aboot U$16.50) you get a copy of The Cold War Era game that’s ready to play now and you’re get the expansion as soon as they finish it with the Kickstarter money.  Not a bad way to get the expansion done and build your fan base while you’re at it!  Different pledge levels support those that already have the game, or just want to help it see the light of day.  This campaign is looking good, and can use your help to get it over the finish line.


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #56

Brant Guillory, 24 October 2014

Not another GARPA!

War & Seas (Wargame Process Edition)
P500 for $49, or 39€

There’s a definite ‘ooh and ahh’ factor to this one.  It’s an age-of-sail slugfest with a build-your-own-ship twist.  You kit out your ship by the use of mix-and-match blacks that represent cannons, crew, officers, etc. and the blast away.  The combat dice are not normal d6s either; they are multi-symbol faces that apply numbers to the actions you’ve chose.  It’s a small fleet action with built-in multiplayer support, and well, did we mention it looks cool?  Go get a p500 order in now and get this thing made already!


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #53

The first GARPA of football season brings you a variety of gaming projects for you to throw your backing behind, and includes (gasp!) digital games!  Also of note is that none of these have hit their funding goals yet, so they all need your help.


Hitler’s Reich (GMT Games)
P500 price $48, not there yet

GMT recently dropped 5 new games on their p500 system, but Hitler’s Reich is the one that grabbed our attention as being the first of a new series of strategic level card-based games.  We can’t wait to see some art samples, as a fast-playing game that lets your re-fight WWII while still incorporating key personalities like Patton and Zhukov.  An economics model truly puts this at the “full-theater” level and if it really can be played in one sitting, then it’s totally worth dropping your pre-order dime at GMT’s site.


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #49

GARPA lands with three not-yet-funded projects that all look tres cool, and one that did make the cut that looks overwhelmingly cool.

Battle of the Electric Vikings (Black Slither Games)
$2400 of $4700, ends 6 August 2014

Rock out with your c…  well, you know the rest.  Black Slither Games gives everyone a chance to be their own heavy metal poet by piecing together your own song titles, lyrics, and albums from a bag of word tiles with the most metal of meaningful choices.  Who cares if you win?  It only matters if you ROCK!  And that you pledge over at the Kickstarter page.  That’s important, too.


GARPA 43 – GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory

This week’s GARPA gives you real history, alt-history, and we-hope-it-never-becomes-history.


G43EmpireEnd of Empire (Compass Games)
Preorder at $75, save $24

A complex game of a complex time, End of Empire covers the run-up to the French and Indian War all the way through the end of the American War of Independence. Where previous games have treated these conflicts separately, End of Empire covers the entire 40-year period that saw the French, British, and Spanish empires ejected from the bulk of North America as a brand new nation rose to take their places. Thirteen scenarios (natch!) and a host of countersheets to accompany 2 large maps fill out an impressive box of gaming goodness. It’s bordering on monster-size, but that’s because it covers a monster conflict that literally reshaped global history. Check out Compass Games’ preorder page to place your order, and remember that preordering at Compass also gets you a discount on an in-stock game, too.


Doom & Bloom’s SURVIVAL! (Joseph Alton, M.D./Amy Alton, A.R.N.P.)
$21k of $19k, ends 14 May 2014

It’s a post-apocalyptic survival game. Yawn, right? Nope. This one is heavily defined by what’s not there. No zombies. No sci-fi “power goes out” stuff. No post-nuclear mutant wasteland. It’s a realistic post-pandemic setting that forces you to survive in today’s world, not some sci-fi disaster-author’s fever dream. You’ve got to move, scavenge, find security, shelter, and food. Stay alive and rebuild. And it’s looks-a-darn-GUDE, too! Check out the Kickstarter page and get your survival training going around the tabletop. Who knows when you might need it?


GARPA 42 – GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory

This week, GARPA dips into the pre-order troves of some wargame companies, as well as tiptoeing through Kickstarter, to find you some great upcoming games.


Huzzah! Four Battles of the American Civil War Vol. 1 (One Small Step)
$39.95 pre-order

Company-level actions in the ACW comes to your tabletop in a quad-game package with 4 small, but important, battles from the 1860s.  You get Grant’s first real battle, out in Missouri.  You’ll also get Burnside in North Carolina, and two other fights.  The colorful counters give you a solid period feel, and the maps a compact and get you into the fight in a hurry.  Check out the preorder page and load your muskets!




G42-KwaKawaguchi’s Gamble: Edson’s Ridge (MMP)
$33.00 pre-order

A gorgeous area-movement game of the Japanese attacks to over-run the USMC airfield on Guadalcanal, Kawaguchi’s Gamble is up on pre-order right now with MMP.  Outnumbered over 3-to-1, the Marines are holding Edson’s Ridge from Japanese attacks that include banzai charges and gas attacks.  Drop in on the pre-order page for the game and check out some playtest images and place your order.

GARPA 41 – GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory

Today it’s all about GARPA GARPA GARPA


Next War: Taiwan, GMT Games
p500 made the cut – shipping date not set yet

With a $30 discount for preordering, GMT’s latest entry in the Next War line of games aims for the near-future Chinese invasion of Taiwan.  It includes rules for some basic naval conflict, given the amphibious nature of the likely assault.  The standard game is the ground war shootout, and the advanced rules layer on some robust tracking of airpower.  It’s battalion- and brigade-level wargaming that’s not for newbies to the tabletop, but is a well-tested system for modern conflicts that has many fans in the grognard community.  Go give it a look and get your order in.