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GrogHeads reviews Tiny Epic Kingdoms

The compact 4X game is part of series of Kickstarter all-stars, and packs a ton of options into a small box.  But is the juice worth the squeeze?

Brant Guillory, 21 October 2015

Gamelyn Games has started producing an entire series of compact games designed to cram maximum gameplay into minimum packaging. The entire “tiny epic” series of games comes in boxes about the size of a VHS tape (kids, look it up) and feature colorful, if simple, components.  These are mostly small cardstock game mats and maps, along with some wooden markers, and dice.  The boxes themselves are fairly sturdy, and the lids can be used as dice trays during play if needed.


Tiny Epic Kingdoms (TEK) is a fantasy-based 4X game in this format where the players each pick a race in conflict over a generic fantasy world.  Note that this review covers the original TEK from the Kickstarter campaign in the Summer of 2014.  There is a new edition with upgraded components coming out soon, but Gamelyn has taken care to ensure players that the rules haven’t changed, even though the rulebook has been edited to provide some clarity in places.

The box contains a handful of territory maps, a tower card that is shared by all players, a turn tracking card detailing the actions available each round, and a metric monkey-load[1] of player cards for different races. Players also have a handful of meeples in their respective colors, along with markers for tracking tower progress and resource counts.  Each player also has a 12 sided die, which is never rolled and only used to designate a combat value during war. Each player’s components are color coded, but the meeples are all generic shapes, and not in any way race-specific.

Tiny Epic Galaxies – First Look!

The Kickstarter sensation is starting to land on peoples’ tables.  What’s inside? ~

Brant Guillory, 7 October 2015

We first brought up Tiny Epic Galaxies in our GARPA column, where we noted how quickly they blew through their initial funding goals in 90 minutes, and hit six-figures within their first day.  Now that it’s arrived, here’s what finally shipped after all the stretch goals piled in.


The box. Standard size small Gamelyn box, but feels sturdier than the others like TEK.


Nicely-illustrated back cover