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Tracer Rounds: The C2E2

Revisiting an older concept to reinvigorate the re-conversation ~

Brant, 29 August 2016

So, about 5-6 years ago, I started playing with an idea for a game/system.  The idea was a basic unified set of rules for current events conflicts, with regularly-released updates that would provide unit information and updated map details for the current world situation.  This would allow any player to just grab the current update, and “play forward” from there, to see how the various conflicts might shape up over the next few months or years.  When the next update rolled around, the players would have the option to either reset to the current world situation, or adapt the update to their own ongoing conflicts and continue an “alternate future” using the update components.

It’s not like I was breaking any really new ground with the idea, but I had a pretty high-minded concept for how I wanted it to happen, but got quite bogged down in the actual execution of it all.

What I’d like to do here is reopen the discussion and attempt to reinvigorate the participation in the development of the rules and current updates, in the hopes that many minds are smarter than mine, and we can collaboratively move forward on an open-source set of rules and initial process for putting these kinds of tools in the hands of gamers with an interest in current events.

GameTalk: Nation-Building!

Byron Grant, 5 January 2015


How do you build this into a game? In any examination of current military events, there’s a need to understand the civilian governance component of the conflict. How does this aspect influence the design and implementation of current-events wargames? What games do it well? What games try, and fail, to do it? What games aren’t doing it but should?


Sound off below, or jump into our forums to say your piece >>

Battle Lab: Civilians on the Battlefield

Brant Guillory, 9 August 2013

The following is the set of slides from Brant’s ’06 Origins War College talk about integrating civilians into wargaming.  While the discussion is not captured here, the slides may serve as a jumping-off point for a greater discussion in our forums.

One note: we have no idea how to slow down the slideshow(!), but it does repeat so you can see it the next time through.  There are 16 total slides.

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”1″]