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Moving On!

A note from the content editor ~

Brant Guillory, 9 September 2018

Hey folks,

If you frequent our forums, then you’ve probably seen the announcement that I’m leaving GrogHeads. This wasn’t an easy decision, but it’s the one I felt the need to make at this point in my life.

I’m leaving behind a fun, vibrant, exciting community that didn’t exist 7 years ago. Together, we took GrogHeads from “non-existent” to a serious site in the wargaming world. At one point we were one of the top 100k sites in the US, and were regularly killing our competition in some pretty neat measurables, like the time the average user spent on the site.

You guys rallied around your fellow community members like no other. One of our Wives of Grog™ got inundated with Christmas cards when they’d moved to a new base only weeks earlier, and he had to pack up for Afghanistan, leaving her with a newborn and few other kids in a new town for the holidays. Twice, you guys rallied to support Bayonet Jr getting to a major soccer tournament when I was un(der)employed. You pitched in for the community ranging from fighting childhood cancer to surprise birthday card avalanches to helping a young man fighting possible vision loss.  We’ve had Grogs show up a funerals for folks we only knew through online interactions, with cards signed on behalf of the whole family.
That generous spirit is a key reason we had an active and vibrant thread just to donate extra copies of games to each other, usually digital codes, but often tabletop games, too.
And the annual family reunion that was Origins became a tentpole event for some people’s summer vacations.

We started a podcast, a video show, tried a few different recurring series, and peppered a variety of Civ AARs with unnecessary sexual innuendos. We wore our bowling shirts like a university history department tried to form a biker gang and ended up going out for tacos instead, and what started on a lark turned into 2500+ posts of puns to torture MetalDog.

It’s been a fun 6-1/2 years, but it’s time to pass the torch. Gus & Jarhead will be steering the ship now, and it’ll be exciting to see where they take it.
I’d tell y’all to give them the same amount of love you gave me, but that’s just kind of a mean thing to wish on them!

You guys take care, and remember that it’s all just one big, dysfunctional gaming family.

— Bayonet 06, Out.

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Tuesday Newsday Roundup – 7/31

TuesdayNews SPLASH

A new weekly whirlwind of wargaming ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 31 July 2018

This week in gaming and random cool stuff, as we check out something neat from around the gaming world

Something cool that was just released this past week:

Compass Games just dropped Russia Besieged on us!  Refight the entire scope of the Eastern Front from ’41-’45 (or beyond, if you’re really good…) at the army/corps level. The artwork is stunning, and Compass Games’ production values are always stellar.

Dragon’ Up The Past – Going to War!

DragonUp SPLASH154

The guys eek their way into the ’90s with an issue stuffed full of articles on the art of war ~

Statler & Waldorf, 20 July 2018

A jam-packed issue with a full set of articles about warfare in fantasy RPG’ing – paladins, heraldry, role-playing soldiers, and leading an empire.  We also get an early look at The Princess Ark, and…  a Donald Trump reference?!

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Dragon’ Up The Past – A DragonLance Milestone

It’s a trip to the mid ’80s as we check out another classic Dragon Magazine ~

Brant & Jim, 13 July 2018

How lucky do the guys get on Friday the 13th going through Dragon Magazine #91?

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Dragon’ Up The Past – Fighting Crime & Failing Quizzes

The early ’80s come back to life through another classic Dragon Magazine ~

Brant & Jim, 6 July 2018

Back after our Origins-induced haze of wargaming, Brant & Jim dive back into another classic issue of Dragon Magazine.  Why the cameo from the Skeletons of Jason & The Argonauts? It’s not like we were gonna tell you; you gotta listen!

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