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GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #68

Wargames, skipper!  Off the starboard bow!

Trenton 1776 (Worthington Games)
$14,000 of $2500 goal, ends 21 April 2015

The Worthington Gang is back with another battle from the American War of Independence, and this time it’s Washington’s iconic river-crossing-to-surprise-the-drunk-Hessians-on-Christmas campaign.  And let’s face it, the Battle of Trenton was pretty much the high-water-mark for the historical “good things that have happened in New Jersey” list.  It’s part of a series that Worthington kicked off with New York 1776, and expect more to come.  So march on over to their Kickstarter campaign and fire off your pledge to snag one while they’re hot.



GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #66

GARPA AT SEEEEEEAAAAA!  OK, not just afloat, but there’s a pair of naval-heavy games for you this week to go with some gargantuan aircraft and more RPG hi-jinks.


Captain’s Sea (GMT Games)
P500 – Made the cut!  P500 price $45, MSRP $65

A ship-to-ship combat game with a mixture of a square grid (!) and octagonal counters (!!) that covers the actions of the fledgling US Navy in the early 1800s.  Battles include US ships against both British and French opponents, and focus on commanding a single ship through skillful maneuvering and solid crew allocations to weapons and rigging.  Flying monkeys and subsurface atomic bombs round out your arsenals (just kidding!).  Sail over to GMT while it’s still ‘officially’ on p500, but know that you’re going to get it, since it made the cut and is going to head to production sometime soon.


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #63

Gimme a G!  Gimme an A!  Gimme an ARRRRRR!  Gimme a P!  Gimme an A!

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Theomachy (Petersen Games)
$46k of $20k, ends 2 March 2015

Sandy Petersen, the brains behind Cthulhu Wars, is back with another supernatural smack-down.  Theomachy pits the multiverse of gods against each other (and the Cthulhuians, too!)  Ever wonder what would happen if the Egyptian and Norse deities clashed?  Well, you can dig out your vintage-1981 Deities & Demigods book, or you can hop on the Theomachy train and battle it out in this interesting card game with equal parts strategy, poker-style bluffing, and drop-dead-gorgeous artwork.  Power struggle?  Well yeah!  That’s pretty much the point, isn’t it?


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #60

Look, we know you don’t have a bunch of coin to drop on games right before Christmas.  So we tried to find GARPA entries that don’t close until after 25 December, so you can refund that soap-on-a-rope and put the cash towards what you really want – MOAR GAMEZ!


Night of Man (Flying Pig Games)
$8500 of $11000, ends 31 December 2014

Well, Mark sure didn’t wait too long to get his new venture launched.  Flying Pig Games has been open about 5 weeks, and already has Night of Man on Kickstarter and chugging towards publication.  A military sci-fi game that features an alien invasion of Earth, Night of Man’s card-driven mechanics will help non-Grogs get into the game, and that data-rich counters will appeal to your inner wargamer.   Stretch goals include more maps, new alien races, and additional scenarios.  Yes, it’s a new company, but it’s hardly an inexperienced one, so pledge with confidence and save the world.



Tuesday Screenshot – Field of Glory

18 November 2014

A big-time Field of Glory butt-kicking.


Slavs Rule OK! (Even if my C-in-C was killed in the battle!)

Slavs Rule OK! (Even if my C-in-C was killed in the battle!)


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GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #56

Brant Guillory, 24 October 2014

Not another GARPA!

War & Seas (Wargame Process Edition)
P500 for $49, or 39€

There’s a definite ‘ooh and ahh’ factor to this one.  It’s an age-of-sail slugfest with a build-your-own-ship twist.  You kit out your ship by the use of mix-and-match blacks that represent cannons, crew, officers, etc. and the blast away.  The combat dice are not normal d6s either; they are multi-symbol faces that apply numbers to the actions you’ve chose.  It’s a small fleet action with built-in multiplayer support, and well, did we mention it looks cool?  Go get a p500 order in now and get this thing made already!


GrogHeads Reviews Ancient Battle: Hannibal

Review by Michael Eckenfels, 13 September 2014

Developed and Published by Hunted Cow Studios, for iOS (iPad) and Mac (Reviewed on iPad)

Wargaming on the go sounds great – but how does it play?  Michael gives you the low-down…

Hunted Cow Studios is an interesting developer. Before I reviewed this title, I already owned two of their games that I had bought through the App Store (Civil War: 1863 and Tank Battle: 1944). I was already familiar with their titles and their game system, and had heard of this one (as well as the others, like Ancient Battle: Rome), so their games are not a mystery to me.

ABHhexes 2

GrogHeads Reviews Hannibal: Terror of Rome

“I swear that so soon as age will permit . . . I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.” Hannibal’s promise to his father, Hamilcar Barca (attrib.)

A Review by Boggit, 5 September 2014

Developed and published by AGEOD/Slitherine

I first saw Hannibal Terror of Rome at Slitherine’s Home of Wargamers 2014 presentation, and was immediately excited by the crucial last real attempt by Carthage to halt the expansion of the of early Roman Empire. The inability of Carthage to strategically defeat Rome left Rome the dominant power of the Western Mediterranean. Over the next 100 years Rome was able to exploit that situation to expand into and dominate the rest of the Mediterranean world. But what if Hannibal had fully exploited his dramatic early victories, and defeated Rome? Could the Carthaginians have arrested the advance of the Roman Empire, or even have subjugated Rome?

Hannibal Terror of Rome is the latest standalone expansion to AGEOD/Slitherine’s game Alea Jacta Est. It continues the development of the franchise most notably with Birth of Rome, and the Parthian Wars scenario pack. There is more to come. Philippe Malacher and Philippe Thibaut, both of AGEOD/Slitherine told me at Home of Wargamers 2014 that further expansions to the game will be arriving on average twice a year, with the game franchise ending after the Wars of Charlemagne! The next couple of DLC packs planned are likely to be Rome in the third century AD, focusing on the Palmyran Wars between Aurelian and Zenobia, with another focusing on Rome in Britain (as well as a hypothetical Hibernian campaign [set in Ireland]). Anyway, let’s get back to Hannibal

For those unfamiliar with the game system used in Hannibal, I refer you to my earlier article on Alea Jacta Est  since Hannibal uses exactly the same game engine. If you already have one or more games in the franchise, then there is no problem with duplicate files on your hard drive. Taking Philippe Malacher’s advice I simply installed Hannibal, copied over the content of the scenario folder from my other games (Alea Jacta Est, and/or Birth of Rome) into the Hannibal scenario folder, and uninstalled the other games. Simple.

The start screen where you can access not just the Hannibal scenarios, but other scenarios from the Alea Jacta Est family of games.

The start screen where you can access not just the Hannibal scenarios, but other scenarios from the Alea Jacta Est family of games.