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frontier wars 728x90 KS

Here comes GARPA! ~

Mark H Walker’s ’65 (Flying Pig Games)
$27k of $16k, ends 17 December 2015

The latest Kickstarter for Flying Pig is here, as previewed on The GrogCast’65 brings tactical combat in Vietnam to your desktop.  Building on the same system they’re using for Night of Man, this card-driven game forces some agonizing decisions on you to manage your forces during intense shootouts. All the Mark Walker hallmarks are here – stunning counters, tight storylines, and fast, fun gameplay. March over to the campaign page and pledge already!


Storming the Heights (GMT Games)
P500 $35 / MSRP $50 (not there yet)

A gorgeous game of a pivotal early battle in the Crimean War, Storming the Heights gives you insight into command confusion of the early stages of the conflict. Varied counter sizes model the differences in formations and doctrine, and combat factors account for the technical differences in weaponry. It’s published thru Consim Press’s partnership with GMT, but you have to hit GMT’s p500 page to find it. So ride to the sound of the guns and get your pledge in now.



Calidar “Beyond the Skies” (Stranger Skies)
$9300 of $12800, ends 7 January 2016

In the late 80s and early 90s, the “world” introduced in D&D module X1 was expanded exponentially through the X-series of modules, the Mystara Gazetteers, and, especially, the Dragon Magazine series about the Voyage of the Princess Ark. The brains behind the expansion and detailing of that world was Bruce Heard, who is now channeling his energies into a new world of Calidar. This second release in the Calidar series builds on existing material, and expands into the mythology of Calidar with the gods and pantheons of this new world. Bruce’s material has always been top-notch, and he’s got an all-star cast of artists and cartographers (Den Beauvais, Thorfinn Tait) backing him up. Sail over to the campaign page and give them some support, and they start at insanely low levels, and every pledge level includes some sort of reward (so none of those “thanks for backing us” levels).



Get Laid! (JP Lucas)
$11500 of $15k, ends 24 December 2015

“Don’t hate the player; hate the game.” Well, you gotta play the game first, right? So now you get to play the game about the game. How’s your game? You can pledge to get the game published, if you’re game. Don’t try to game the game, just flip over to the campaign for the game and pledge your best to get into the game about the game.



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