GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #81

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Yes, GARPA is running late.  You’re still reading! ~


Beerpocalypse (Black Liver Games)
$20k of $50k, ends 26 November 2015

A beer-powered post-apocalyptic drinking game. Seriously. Just go pledge it already.


War of Rights (Campfire Games)
$133k of $107k, ends 14 November 2015

You don’t have a lot of time to jump on this, but it’s a couple of Danish coders that are bringing you the Maryland Campaign of the American Civil War in 1862. You get access through Steam, or directly, depending on your pledge levels. The devs have promised to be both educational, and historically accurate, but none of the pledge levels force you to eat hardtack, either. So march over to their campaign and pledge your way to victory. Quickly.



g81-yanksASL Yanks! (MMP)
Preorder $96. MSRP $128. Yes, $128

8 Maps, a truckload of counters, a whole chapter of rules, and 40 scenarios should keep you busy for a while. There are 5 different types of US squads, plus all the usual fun stuff – leaders, half-squads, support weapons, crew counters, and Kelly’s Heroes, the Dirty Dozen, Mark Hammill, and Lee Marvin. OK, maybe we stretched it a bit there. Still, if you’re an ASL completist, or the kind of wargamer that believes the US won the war and the Russians were just a sideshow, this is your box. Get your order in now!


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