GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #80

frontier wars 728x90 KS

If it’s Friday, it’s GARPA!  Unless, y’know, it’s not GARPA because it’s the off-Friday where we run fun Zombie-themed stuff or something else.

Brant Guillory, 30 October 2015


Scythe (Stonemaier Games)
$1.29mil of $33k and yes you read that right, ends 5 November 2015

Roll Save vs “Ooooooh”.  You failed.  Seriously.  You gotta see this game; it’s a visual treat. It’s 2-hour(ish) playtime for 1-5 players, so it scales nicely from solo to game-group play, and has countries in an alt-history Eastern Europe fighting over technology and resources in in the 1920s.  It’s proto-industrialism without the Steampunk tropes, and manages to blend almost-familiar nationalities with giant ‘mechs, 4x mechanics, and decent dose of sci-fi storylines.  Oh yeah, and it looks good, too.  It’s not like they need our help to succeed, but you might need our help to find their campaign page.



Wellington in India (GMT Games)
P500 $39, MSRP $60, not there yet

GMT is casting their eyes further afield than Europe in search of interesting new battles.  First in a new line of “Great Battles in Asian History” is a battle featuring…  Europeans, natch.  Wellington was stomping around India in the early 1800s, before returning to Europe for that utterly-irrelevant sideshow at Waterloo.  Wellington in India highlights several battles from the Second Anglo-Mahratta War (don’t bother, there’s no Wikipedia entry for it), and features varied terrain, cavalry charges, visibility challenges, and a solitaire-friendly system.  The pledge page is here; go on, we’ll wait.



Bullseye Dice (Black Oak Workshop)
$2k of $1k, ends 22 November 2015

Look, there’s nothing fancy here.  Just cool dice to make your games a little more fun.  $14 gets you a set of five, but you can drop down to just 1-2 if you prefer.  Stretch goals are alternate colors.  Help some guys out with a nifty bonus for your next pre-gunpowder game.



Brass Empire (Rock Manor Games)
$17k of $8800, ends 2 November 2015

We’re bringing this “back” to you one extra time.  Designer Mike Gnade stopped by The GrogCast to talk to us about this one a few weeks ago, back when it was still called SteamCraft.  Unfortunately, an IP dispute has led to a title change, and the campaign has been re-titled as Brass Empire.  All the previous coolness still applies – and you’ve got the weekend left to get your pledge in.


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And let us know if we’ve ever talked you into ordering something through GARPA! 🙂

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