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frontier wars 728x90 KS

Hey now, it’s been a few weeks, so we thought we’d throw another GARPA at you.  Plus, y’know, we had it on the schedule and all…

Brant Guillory, 18 September 2015


Mech Deck (Patrick Fahy)
$19k of $75k, ends 1 October 2015

These guys may have over-reached with the funding goal, but it’s because they’re committed to the quality of the manufacturing.  “Manufacturing what?” you ask.  Customizable, multi-component, build-your-own mech-walker-battle-droid-giant-fighting-thingees (trying to avoid inadvertently violating someone’s copyright here, work with me).  It’s a hex-and-minis skirmish game, but with mech figures that you can literally assemble on-the-fly to customize your arms, torso, legs, and “backpack” (back of torso) to make your own mech and then duke it out for bragging rights, or beer.   There’s some card-based randomizing as well as a geomorphic map.  Stomp over to the campaign page and fire off your pledge.


The Last Invasion (Legion Wargames)
Pre-order at $40, MSRP at $54

Remember when we invaded Canada?  No, the other time – after the Civil War!  No?  Don’t sweat it.  Legion Wargames are here to edjumicate you.  In 1866 and 1870, the Fennians sallied north of the border into Canada to try and draw them into a wider conflagration.  Clearly, it didn’t work, or we wouldn’t have a cross-border hockey league.  But you can fight out two of the most prominent battles of the Fennian raids with Legion’s new game.  March over to the pre-order page and see what you think.



Entry Level 28mm & 15mm Terrain System  (Impudent Mortal)
$10k of $1500, ends 1 October 2015

Laser-cut MDF self-assembly-required minis gaming terrain – and it’s really not that hard.  You can choose between ruins, near future, or towns, and get them in either 15mm or 28mm scale.  Bulk up a full table’s worth of nice terrain with removable roofs and easy-to-pain surfaces that disassembles flat (if you need to store it) or glues together nicely (for permanent game tables).  It’s nothing fancy, but it sure makes your game tables look nice.  Roll over to Kickstarter and check them out.



Privateers! The Golden Decade  (Enrico Ottolini)
$8200 of $28000, ends 4 October 2015

More geomorphic hex maps!  But these have all sorts of islands, pirate ships, and treasure all over them.  It’s not all seize-and-plunder, as you can sail to colonies to unload your wares, hunt for treasure, and boost your ship as much you can.  It plays 2-5, so the whole family can jump in, and its iconography is language-independent.   It looks like a Fantasy Flight game with 9872593475234 little tokens and pieces in it, too.  Entry level pledging for the game itself starts around $40, converted from Euros.  Sail over to the campaign page and see what you think.


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