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frontier wars 728x90 KS

OK, so we’ve got something completely different for you this week.

Brant Guillory, 4 September 2015


Hawk The Hunter (Terry Marcel)
$19k of $500k, ends 1 OCT 2015

Remember the old fantasy flick Hawk the Slayer?  Of course you do.  You totally plundered it for campaign ideas for your early no-prefix D&D games.  Jack Palance chewing scenery.  The hokey rapid-fire elf-archer effects.  The cross-necklace-of-course-it’s-a-hidden-knife saving the day at the end.  Well it’s taken them 30 years, but they finally got around to trying to make the sequel, and they’re kickstarting it.  You can start at $5, and score the RiffTrax quip-along, and top out at a couple of grand that gets you a part in the movie.  Why are you still here instead of pledging the campaign?  Oh right, you’re here to watch the movie.


Counter Magnets for the 21st Century (
$1300 of $3k, ends 29 SEP 2015

You’ve got the monster game, and no cat- and child-proof table, and you’re not cool enough to make a hidden-game-space table like Gary.  No problem.  Hang it on a wall.  And now you can hang counters on the wall, too.  Lots of counters.  Stacks of counters.  Lots of stacks of counters.  These new counter-sleds-with-magnets let you pile up a bunch of counters on the wall and still leave the table free for dinner for the next month.  You can start at $1 and pledge more from there, and add on all sorts of downright cool magnet markers.

g76-counters g76-markers


Dixon to Carrier: Scratch One Flattop (VPG)
Coming Soon

So you can’t pre-order, but VPG’s new dive-bomber-palooza is ‘coming soon’ and already up on their website.  It’s the Battle of the Coral Sea, but with a twist.  Remember when you were kids and setting up all the plastic toys out in the back yard, but never could find someone to play the ‘bad guys’?  No problem.  This one’s a co-op, where you’re all flying Dauntless dive bombers and trying to rack up as many kills as you can before the Japanese shoot your carrier out from under you.  Watch the website for when it goes live, and get your aviation on!


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