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frontier wars 728x90 KS

A mixed bag of pre-order goodness for you

The Seven Years War: Frederick’s Gamble  (GMT)
p500 $48, MSRP $69 – not there yet

Borrowing a well-loved system from The Napoleonic Wars that can play 2-4 players, this new one from GMT lets you play out the “real” first World War across Europe, North America, and India.  A truckload of counters, 110 cards, and a bunch of accessories fill out the box.  Chatter on CSW is pretty positive, and players interested in a global view of what’s generally played only as a North American-centric conflict will likely find what they’re looking for here.  GMT is taking p500 pledges on their site.  March over and place yours!


All Things Zombie: Fade to Black  (LNLP)
$24.99 preorder, $29.99 MSRP

The alliance between Two-Hour Wargames and LNLP continues with ATZ: Fade to Black, a new extension of the ATZ line of hybrid RPG/Minis games.  What’s different about this zombie game is that you’re at ground zero during the outbreak, meaning you have no idea who is infected and who isn’t – and even those that aren’t might not be safe for you to be around!  It’s got solo, so-op, or competitive modes, meaning that as long as you want a zombie game, you can play this with any size crowd.  Pledges are coming in at the LNLP site; get yours in now.


Directive: Invasion! (True In One)
$580 of $25k, ends 3 September 2015

Yes, it’s only raised $500 (overnight).  There’s plenty of time to make the goal, especially if you’re one of them helping get over the hump.  Directive: Invasion! looks like a traditional tower-defense, Earth-is-being-invaded space-battle game.  Here’s the twist: you’re the invader.  Pick an alien race, and parachute in – you’ve got a world to conquer!  Your mothership controls your assets, and a timing board tracks the progress of the game as it counts down.  A geomorphic board increases replayability, and it’ll play up to 6, so you can bring the whole gang over.  Drop in on the Kickstarter campaign page to get your pledge in.


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