GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #71

frontier wars 728x90 KS

GARPA goes all over the map for this edition

Freeblades: Creatures of Faelon (DGS Games)
$2800 of $8500, ends 21 July 2015

The guys from DGS Games are back with some new toys for their Freeblades minis collection.  These are wilder creatures that sport all manner of fangs, scales, claws, and… well, bark.  Their last Kickstarter campaign dropped some jaws with their final sculpts, and their fantasy world is high fantasy with nice interesting twists.  Hit their campaign page and drop your coin to get these minis funded.



Mare Nostrum – Empires (Academy Games)
$410k of $15k, ends 6 July 2015

OK, let’s face it, they don’t need your money.  But you totally want this game, especially with all the stretch goals that are now in here.  Major civilizations – Rome, Greece, Egypt, Atlantis(!) – competing over the Mediterranean, and a variety of minor civilizations (Syracuse, Jerusalem, etc).  Custom sculpts for each nations’ army are just one of the many stretch goals unlocked, and gameplay is both easy and strategic.  This might turn into one of those “man, I wish I’d jumped on that” if you don’t, so cruise over to the campaign page and cave to the peer pressure.  We did.



Spheres of Influence (Little Nuke Games)
$30k of $35k, ends 2 July 2015

“Looks like Risk” is maybe the worst thing you can say about a game in front of another wargamer.  World map, divided into areas, cubes all over the place, cards in hand, buckets of dice…  To someone that doesn’t know any better, sure – it “looks like Risk.”  Oh yeah, there’s a variable turn sequence, and a cards that confer special abilities, and the always-present stab-your-buddy-in-the-back diplomatic deals.  Look, just go drop into their campaign page and be as impressed by it all as we are, and then fire off your pledge.



Nuclear War 50th Anniversary Card Game (Flying Buffalo)
$28k of $50k, ends 3 August 2015

I mean, if you’re going to go all-out politically incorrect, it’s either Cards Against Humanity, or a game where the body count literally contributes to your score.  Both an amusing game, and a sobering send-up of the overall futility of mutually-assured destruction, this venerable card game has been satirizing the idea of a ‘winnable’ nuclear war since the Super Bowl existed.  Upgraded components include full-color artwork and an option to pick up some rubberized game mats, too.  Fire your pledge off at their campaign page.



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