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frontier wars 728x90 KS

After a hiatus, GARPA is back, and has some great new pre-orders for you to totally cave into your game lust with.


Urban Operations (Nuts! Publishing)
€59.00 preorder (MSRP €75.00)

The long-awaited modern urban warfare game from the artistic geniuses over in France, the guys at Nuts! have finally put Urban Operations up on preorder. A combination of blocks and cards, with over a dozen scenarios to keep you challenged, Urban Operations is looking to fill that modern tactical niche that ranges from Cold-War-goes-hot through the 90s world of “peacekeeping” up to today’s counter-terror operations. Why are you still reading? Go order it already.


Texas Arrows / Band of Brothers (Worthington Publishing)
$60k of $10k, ends 20 June 2015

Worthington’s Band of Brothers system is winning high praise in our forums for it’s fast-and-furious-yet-tactically-accurate-endlessly-hyphenated-coolness. The new Texas Arrows Kickstarter campaign includes the options to pick up the previously-released games in the series (Screaming Eagles and Ghost Panzer) in one swell foop. Stretch goals include unit patches, additional scenarios, and a pretty cool manual-style rulebook. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and pick up your collection now.



Red Poppies Campaigns: Battle for Ypres (Compass Games)
$50.00 preorder (MSRP $69.00)

Compass Games’ productions have been stunningly gorgeous, and great games, to boot. Three maps and a few hundred counters in the Ypres box should keep you busy for a while, as the golden era of WWI wargaming continues to roll on in front of us. C2 is hugely important, and all the expected WWI tropes are present: gas attacks, trenchlines, etc. Plunk down your preorder shekels and check out another great Compass Game.



Rally Round the Flag (Lost Battalion Games / Jeff Billings)
$16700 of $25000, ends 12 July 2015

Lost Battalion’s next new effort is a Gettysburg game that features a ton of hex-and-minis goodness. The artwork is from famed Civil War artist Mort Künstler. Command cards drive your action over a map that’s reminiscent of period maps of the Civil War era. Lost Battalion’s packages are always stuffed to the gills, and the higher-end pledges are going to challenge the strength of the boxes to hold everything. Check out their campaign page and get your pledge in.


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And let us know if we’ve ever talked you into ordering something through GARPA! 🙂

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