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frontier wars 728x90 KS

The siren song of pre-orders, begging for your wallet to open up and dispense your hard-earned shekels within.

Fog & Friction (Pondfoot Games)
£2k of £14k, ends 31 May 2015

Another WWII card game?  Why not?!  Fog & Friction gets you into the battles of the Western front with a nifty two-battlefields-at-the-same-time mechanic that forces you to balance your efforts to keep your opponent guessing where the damage is coming from next.  The artwork is period-evocative, and because the designers are based in the UK, the Commonwealth are not given second-shrift by the over-abundance of Yanks running around the game like they saved the world by themselves.  Flip over to their campaign page and shoot off a few bucks.  Half of our forum crew are already backing them, so you’ll have plenty of folks to play and discuss with.


Sky Relics (Sky Relics Games)
$11k of $6500, ends 27 May 2015

Another airship combat game?  Why not?!  Sky Relics is a minis game of aerial warfare on a distant world, with all manner of pirates, commonwealth captains, shipyards for custom builds, and plenty of dice-slinging.  Duke it out for control of the skies of Targus, and deploy your forces to outwit, outfly, and/or outgun your enemies.  There are plenty of minis for your to paint, and the game with handle up to 5 players, so there’s room for friends at the table.  Soar over to Kickstarter and see what you think before jumping on board.



COIN System p500 Reprints (GMT Games)

Another printing of the first 3 COIN games?  Why not?!  Andean Abyss’, Cuba Libre, and A Distant Plain are all on GMT’s p500 site for reprints right now.  If you missed your shot at these excellent games the first time around, now is your chance to snag one below MSRP.  Just follow the individual game links above for the one you’re after.



Swagger Toolbox (Metal Dreamer)
$10k of $8500, ends 11 June 2015

Another multi-tool-disguised-as-something-else set? Why not?!  The guys behind the Parachute, the Pinch, and so many others are back.  This time it’s not a keychain tool, but formalwear that’s in their sights.  They’ve got everything a well-tuxedo’ed gentleman could need for showing off for the ladies and/or escaping from the neighborhood villain.  Hex wrenches, screwdrivers, and bottle-openers all cleverly masquerading as accessories, and there’s a multi-order “groomsmen” pack, too.  Check it out!


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