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frontier wars 728x90 KS

Wargames, skipper!  Off the starboard bow!

Trenton 1776 (Worthington Games)
$14,000 of $2500 goal, ends 21 April 2015

The Worthington Gang is back with another battle from the American War of Independence, and this time it’s Washington’s iconic river-crossing-to-surprise-the-drunk-Hessians-on-Christmas campaign.  And let’s face it, the Battle of Trenton was pretty much the high-water-mark for the historical “good things that have happened in New Jersey” list.  It’s part of a series that Worthington kicked off with New York 1776, and expect more to come.  So march on over to their Kickstarter campaign and fire off your pledge to snag one while they’re hot.



Miracle on the Marne (One Small Step)
Preorder $34.95, MSRP $44.95

An operational-level game of one of WWI’s iconic battles, Miracle on the Marne recreates the desparate defense of Paris in the early days of the war.  With a nifty mechanic for changing the “mode” of a headquarters unit (and thereby all its subordinates too), players are kept constantly trying to stay ahead of their opponents’ plans.  Combat includes distinct actions for bombardments and counterattacks, and OSS makes some downright purty packages.  Get your pre-order in before they drop the prefix!



Colonial Conquest (Argonauts Interactive)
$1440 of $6000, ends 9 May 2015

Montreal-based Argonauts Interactive have started to let some beta screenshots sneak out, and the chatter is picking up in our forums, too.  It’s the 19th century race-to-remain-globally-relevant, and the US and Japan are joining the chase with the Brits, French, Germans, and Russians (whither Spain?!).  Spies, economics, and of course, combat, are your tools for world domination.  The “retro” look of the game recalls the computer adaptations of Eagle Games’ old War! Age of Imperialism, but the rules look to be significantly more than a loosely-improved Risk.  Sail over to the Kickstarter page and see what you like.



Time of Crisis (GMT Games)
P500 $44, MSRP, $65

What, a non-COIN game from GMT?!  Seriously, though, the 3d-century turmoil of the Roman Empire plays out across your tabletop with mixture of classic map-based gaming and some heavy deck management mixed in.  Politics can dictate your actions in the Senate while centurions can dictate your actions on the frontier.  Will you survive the dynastic struggle and twisted machinations of your rivals?  Or will generations of college students know your name only through footnotes in history tomes?  Check out the p500 page for a preview of game art. Oh, and drop your order off, too.



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