GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #61

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Kick off the new year right – pledge some games!  Our first GARPA of 2015 (that still sounds weird, eh?) is an eclectic mix of games and game-related gizmos to get your monetary juices flowing…


Battle Brothers (Overhype Studio)
Steam Greenlight

It’s got both the strategic-level map and the tactical battles on the zoom-in level.  The storyline is a little trite – you’re a mercenary out for treasure and fame – but there is a large world-changing backstory that eventually finds its way to you.  They’re promising a wide variety of enemies and maps, including newly-generated world and tactical maps for each new game.  So give the campaign a look-see and offer some support for getting this one pushed through.  It’s visually appealing, and any good mix of strategic and tactical gameplay in a single package is always worthy of some attention.


Little Soldiers of the Great War (Mark Britton)
£775 of £8k, ends 25 January 2015

These guys are sculpting a huge variety of 15mm minis for all your World War I gaming.  They’ve already started work on the Brits and Germans, and more are coming.  Blister packs include infantry, tanks, and support weapons, and boxes will have 100 or so dudes in them.   They’ve got a game in progress to go with it, but let’s face it – there’s plenty of minis rules you could use, so the rules aren’t as vital.  More importantly, these are sweet-looking minis and at 15mm you can build a big-ass army in a small-ass space.  You probably won’t pledge the Field Marshall level, but join the war as a Corporal or Sergeant and you can start your trenches.



Steampunk Menagerie (Westfalia Publishing)
£1286 of £1000, ends 21 January 2015

Let’s face it, “a collection of clockwork chimps with fezzes and pistols” is probably all you need to know to run over and pledge this one.  But just in case, there are mechanical steam crabs, too, and other stretch goals coming as your pledges pile up.



GnomeCon 2015 (GnomeCon)
$480 of $2000, ends 11 January 2015

Hey, we’ve never seen a game convention get funding launched by Kickstarter, so we had to give them a shout-out just for the creativity of it all.  These guys are looking for some funding to get their game convention off the ground in Savannah, GA.  You can pledge without attending and throw a couple of bucks into helping them spread some gaming around the South.  If you throw in enough to cover the cost of your custom dice or t-shirt, you can pick them up at the convention in March.  Give them a hand and help them support some gaming in a great town.



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