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frontier wars 728x90 KS


We kick off TANKSgiving with a GARPA full of tracks and turrets.  GUNNER – SABOT – PREORDER!

MBT (GMT Games)
P500 $65 (retail $95) – Made the cut

The Cold War goes hot in 1987 and the Reds are rolling West.  100m hexes hold individual tanks, infantry squads, and all manner of nasty battlefield surprises.  With a whole arsenal of tanks, helicopters, ATGMs, and close-air support at your disposal, combined arms warfare splays across a collection of geomorphic maps and into your game room.  Expansions are already on p500, and the mapboards are compatible with GMT’s Panzer to give you more to play with.  Check out their p500 page for a LOT more info, and get your order in now.


Tiger Leader (DVG)
$18k of $3k goal, ends 28 November 2014

WWII Panzer warfare on your tabletop unfolds as you lead a kampfgruppe through campaigns from Poland to D-Day.  Variable missions and objectives keep the campaigns fresh, and the range of toys to outfit your soldiers is pretty wide-ranging, and thanks to some stretch goals, includes some minis, as well.  Mounted terrain tiles and a giant stack of cards round out a robust package* and the “leader” series from DVG builds on a tried and trusted set of rules.  Get your pledge in now before TANKSgiving is over and the Kickstarter campaign ends.

* OK, we lied, there’s also a counter tray in the box thanks to another stretch goal.


Decisive Victory, 1918 (Legion Wargames)
P500 $85 (retail $120) – not there yet

The Second Battle of the Marne launched a wave of tanks across the battlefield, and a wave of Yanks along with them.  The Brits got the first big tank attack of the war, but the French and US landed the blow that ultimately undid the German war effort (of course, someone forgot to tell the Germans).  Division-level counters and a beautiful map uphold Legion’s tradition of excellent physical design.  Grab your pre-order and help push this one out of no-mans’-land and onto the objective.



And a few non-tank games that were just cool

Hakkaa Päälle (MMP)
Pre-Order $72 (retail $96)

Finns to the left!  Finns to the right!  And you’re the only…  OK, enough Jimmy Buffet.  The boys at MMP are bringing you ASL Module 14, with a complete Finnish order of battle and 16 scenarios that allow you to fight the Winter War through the Continuation War.  The Russians are pouring over the border and the Finns are holding them at bay, with assistance reluctantly accepted from the Germans.  Go ahead and preorder this one, or you’ll never Finnish* your ASL collection

* yes, we went there!



V-Commandos (Triton Noir)
C$ 11,500 or C$40k goal, ends 18 December 2014

A co-op / solo adventure game of man-to-man raiding behind enemy lines in WWII, V-Commandos lets you sneak into Nazi-occupied Europe and tackle a variety of missions, from knocking out Hitler’s wunderwaffen to kidnapping enemy leaders.  Geomorphic location tiles combine to make new maps for each mission, and tiles of varying sizes customize the maps further.  Expansion boxes add more playable characters, missions, and equipment.  Drop your pledge at their Kickstarter page and drop into the commando action.



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