GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #53

frontier wars 728x90 KS

The first GARPA of football season brings you a variety of gaming projects for you to throw your backing behind, and includes (gasp!) digital games!  Also of note is that none of these have hit their funding goals yet, so they all need your help.


Hitler’s Reich (GMT Games)
P500 price $48, not there yet

GMT recently dropped 5 new games on their p500 system, but Hitler’s Reich is the one that grabbed our attention as being the first of a new series of strategic level card-based games.  We can’t wait to see some art samples, as a fast-playing game that lets your re-fight WWII while still incorporating key personalities like Patton and Zhukov.  An economics model truly puts this at the “full-theater” level and if it really can be played in one sitting, then it’s totally worth dropping your pre-order dime at GMT’s site.


Loki’s Exile: A Norse Noir Adventure Game (Kreativespill A/S)
$7200 of $10k, ends 20 September, 2014

So you take the roaring 20s, toss in some noir-style detective tropes, and set the backstory against Norse mythology?  Wow.  Talk about genre-bending, huh?  The thing is, it looks gorgeous – like watching a painting walk across your screen – and the early word through Kickstarter is that it’s some excellent gameplay.  It’s also now on Steam Greenlight, so there’s all kinds of ways to throw your support behind the project, but remember that if they don’t make their minimums at Kickstarter, they don’t get any of the money, so give them a hand, eh?



1750: Britain vs. France (Battle Hardened Games)
$14k of $28k, ends 29 September, 2014

The real “first world war” was a fight for colonial supremacy that also spilled into Europe as the 7 Years’ War, and others.  This two-player game does simplify the roles a bit, as there’s no one playing the Austrians, or Spanish, or heck the colonists!  What it does have is gorgeous period-evocative artwork, a game system that includes military and economic actions, card-based events that can change the game, and a heavy layer of politics (natch!) layered on the entire thing.  The box is stuffed with bits for the game, and has been compared favorably to Twilight Struggle.  You’re still reading?  What’s the matter with you – go get your pledge plunked down already!



Ironcast: Turn-based Steampunk Mech Combat (Dreadbit)
£7k of £10k, ends 3 October, 2014

Yes, it’s another Steampunk game, but this one’s a turn-based game on your computer, with giant walking mechs.  w00t!  The setting is another France-England war, with an alternative Victorian sci-fi flavor that includes energy weapons and big guns.  The gameplay is a little more “puzzle” based (like Valiant Hearts) than straight-ahead kill and plunder, but the actual battles are mano-a-mano mech shootouts.  The team includes developers from LittleBigPlanet and Need For Speed, and one of the options is to get the game pre-loaded onto a custom USB geek stick with a Victorian-era dark wood finish.   Check out the Kickstarter page and see if it’s your, ahem, cup of tea.



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