GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #52

frontier wars 728x90 KS

It’s the last GARPA of the Summer, so here’s your holiday weekend bundle of goodness!

Clockwork Wars (Eagle Games)
$50k of $25k goal, Ends 3 September 2014

Steam-powered warfare?  Check.  Fantasy races?  Check.  Tanks?  Hells, yeah!  Fight for control of a modular mapboard, in a 4X-ish game of conquest that mixes and matches magic and steampunk technology.  One nice touch are map tiles that can be used on an artistic side, or purely-functional “giant symbol” side not unlike the strategic hex-view in Civ5.  It’s an Eagle Games production, so you know that it’ll be over-the-top gorgeous, barely fit on a ping-pong table, be a ton of fun to play, and go out of print in about 11 seconds.  So truck on over to the site for the campaign, and plunk down your pledge, and maybe throw a few extra coins in for the expansions, which look equally cool and will not doubt be gone in a hot minute on the open market.



2WW: The War in Europe (OSS Games)
Preorder price $36.96, retail $54.95

A grand-strategic view of WWII in Europe, from the Battle of the Atlantic to the Russian Steppes, and it all fits on your table (unlike, well, pretty much any other game on the topic).  OSS always has a nifty little mechanical twist in their games, and this one also includes minor countries, allies, entire fleets, and one hex in the middle of Europe that’s not playable (see the map below).  You can only save $17.99 if you get your pre-order in now, though, so what are you waiting for?



G52-K45Konigsberg 1945 (MMP)
Preorder price $31.50, retail $42.00

Building on the successful and popular systems for A Victory Lost and A Victory Denied, MMP picked up this previously-small-press game for a re-release with spruced up artwork and their inestimable market muscle behind it.  There’s not a lot of back-and-forth warfare here, it’s the relentless attacker against the ever-shifting defender, but on a scale that still gives both players room for a variety of strategies to win.  Civilians, air support, rail units, multiple Russian chains of command, and a chit-draw activation that keeps your plans on a knife edge all contribute to a great afternoon of gaming.   Grab it at pre-order prices while you can, because AVL and AVD are any indicators, this will be really hard to find in a few years, and you’ll still be wanting to play it.




Vendetta – The Mobster Card Game (DVG)
$1800 of $5000, ends 15 September 2014

DVG is known for a couple of excellent series of tabletop wargames, but Vendetta brings mob warfare to your table with a fast and furious card game of (literally) kneecapping your opponents.  Don’t let the cartoonish artwork fool you – these crooks are in a mean business, and they mean business!  Pledge levels include the option to get your name on a card, so open your own eatery, and watch your friends perforate each other in the dining room.  To do that, of course, you have to pledge, so get to it!



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