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frontier wars 728x90 KS

Today it’s all about GARPA GARPA GARPA


Next War: Taiwan, GMT Games
p500 made the cut – shipping date not set yet

With a $30 discount for preordering, GMT’s latest entry in the Next War line of games aims for the near-future Chinese invasion of Taiwan.  It includes rules for some basic naval conflict, given the amphibious nature of the likely assault.  The standard game is the ground war shootout, and the advanced rules layer on some robust tracking of airpower.  It’s battalion- and brigade-level wargaming that’s not for newbies to the tabletop, but is a well-tested system for modern conflicts that has many fans in the grognard community.  Go give it a look and get your order in.


Fireteam Zero – Emergent Games
$168k or $50k, ends 1 April 2014

It’s a post-apocalyptic shoot’em up that goes light on zombies and heavy on… things.  It’s a board-and-minis game with some lavish sculpts.  It’s got a modular map board, all sorts of bits and pieces that make you think of the grandest of Ameri-trash games, and already has 2 expansions ready (that you can order with the Kickstarter campaign).  There’s a good international flavor, too, as the expansions include Europe and Africa.  Now, it is expensive, with the pledge level for the base game running at $75, but with all the stuff in the box, you’re totally getting your money’s worth.  Check it out over on Kickstarter and see if it tickles your fancy.



City State of the Invicible Overlord – Judges Guild
$30k or $28k, ends 23 April 2014

OK geeks – let your old-school RPG flag fly.  Hands up of you remember the original Judges Guild setting that spawned a thousand overland wilderness campaigns in the 1970s while TSR was still stuck in the side of the mountain.  Put yours down Tent, we all know better.  Bob Bledsaw (a great guy to have a pint with, by the way) has resurrected the City State setting and is updating it for the Pathfinder system.  The basic pledge gets you the maps centered up around the actual City State, and easy subsequent stretch goal unlocks more maps as you.  There are add-on player’s guid books that you can pay for now, or wait for the stretch goals to get there.  Go ogle the project page and get swept off by the nostalgia as you inevitably reach for the wallet.



Ars Victor, Trip West Games
Available for pre-order

Already funded through the original pre-orders, Ars Victor is still available at pre-order pricing for a while.  With an advertised play time of 60 minutes for a game, Ars Victor is built around the idea of “play 5 games in an afternoon” rather than “play one really long game” so everyone gets one more shot at trying to win.  The counters are downright adorable, if cluttered, and there are print-and-play options for the basic game and the rulebooks so you can check it out before buying it.  It’s a card-driven sci-fi battle game, but all over the tabletop.  Go see for yourself how much you’ll love it.



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