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Our running late on a busy Friday brings you this week’s GARPA!

Board Games

SUPREMACY 2020 – Superpower Game of Nuclear Brinksmanship (Command Post Games)
$17,700 of $15000, ends 15 March 2014

An old classic reimagined for a new superpower age, Supremacy returns as the 2020 version with its ever-tense mixture of resources, nukes, conventional armies, technology, and back-stabbing fun.  Make no mistake, this is a high-strategic-level game that won’t have you pushing battalions and brigades around.  You track your missiles, and missile interceptors, along with navies and resources and nary a grunt in sight.  Stretch goals have already added international terrorists to the mix, and bring you a set of pieces to add Brazil as one of your superpowers.  Check it out and get your pledges in.



G39-carcThe Adults of Carcassonne (Carcassonne Shop)
$7200 of $7000 goal, ends 9 March 2014

Ever been in the middle of a board game and thought “Man, I could use a drink!” ?  How about a game that answers “Sure!”  Tje Adults of Carcassonne is an unofficial expansion (though they are official “accessories”) that swaps meeples for shot glasses, and game tiles for mug coasters.  Yep, this is the pub-friendly Carcassonne for the drinking gamer.  Go ogle the fun at their Kickstater page, and get your gamedrink on.

 Commander-In-Chief  (Paul Miller)
$1090 of $5,000, ends 6 March 2014G39-cinc

Look, this one’s probably not going to make it without divine intervention, but anyone who builds a chess game with modern military minis deserves some recognition.  If someone had brought this to our attention earlier, we would’ve still been impressed.  It’s for 2-4 players and the ‘toy’ factor looks like it would make a good game to get kids into wargaming.  Maybe this won’t clear Kickstarter, but their homepage shows a polish that’s rare for a small company and perhaps the game will find some love elsewhere.  Go look and see, and if you can help get it over the hump, let’s get another cool game out there.


Kingdom Builder Big Box Kickstarter Edition  (Queen Games)
$126k of $20,000, ends 8 March 2014

At the other end of the spectrum, Donald Vaccarino’s Kingdom Builder has become the uber-crushing box of goodness that area-control gamers will love.  The Kickstarter edition includes several expansions, custom-shaped settlements, new maps, promo pieces, and supporter levels that let you bundle with other games.  If you’re a serious Euro-gamers, this one’s for you.  Go get your pledges in at their Kickstarter page.



Warbands and Legions (Martin Cameron)
£255 of £1,000, ends 31 March 2014

Not there yet, but only just started, the cartoonish art of this ancients wargame is more endearing than annoying.  Fast and furious gameplay will still appeal to the tactical grog, while the whimsical art and easy-to-learn rules will grab other gamers.  The plan is a full system that will cover warfare from ancients all the way to the Middle Ages, so go see their Kickstarter page and get your pledges in now.


Role-playing and Miniatures Games

Landover LARP (Nicholas Viars)
$60 of $7500, ends 9 April 2014

We had to include this one, just for the oddity of it all.  These guys are looking for funding to open a LARP location, and contruct full working buildings like inns and taverns.  In essence, they’re angling to purchase some land and set up a permanent Rennaissance Faire, only for gamers, and not just re-enactors.  It’s not just combat, but actual interaction with a population.  It’s ambitious.  It’s slightly nutty.  It’s pretty cool.  And it’s got a few dollars to its name, so get over there and pledge already!


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