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Hey, it’s still Friday somewhere

This week is an all-tabletop-gaming week, even though they aren’t all games, per se.  Read on, friends!


VCS: Salerno, Multi-Man Publishing

Multi-Man Publishing is kicking out a new series of games called the Variable Combat System, and Salerno is the first title.  Amphibious assaults, coordinated actions across multiple maps, and alternate histories that include options for airborne assaults, and different commanders.  Awesome Eskubi artwork, revolutionary mechanics, what are you waiting for?  Head over to the pre-order page and plunk down your shekels.


Earthdawn RPG, FASA Corporation
$28,600 of $10,000 goal, Ends 12 February

The original ’90s-era Earthdawn was lavishly-illustrated and notoriously fiddly.  The reboot looks fan-freaking-tastic and promises to play just as good as it looks.  The risk setting was always the hallmark of Earthdawn, and the Kickstarter campaign includes all manner of add-ons, upgrades, and stretch goals that build out the world, from new adventures to location sourcebooks.  You can pick up poster art, hard- or soft-cover books, and, for a cool $1200, play an eight-player game with the creator by video chat.  Or, you could just check out the Kickstarter page and order a copy of the game.



Zeppeldrome, 12SP Entertainment
$4300 of $24000 goal, Ends 16 February

With a newly-relaunched Kickstarter campaign, the guys from 12SP are bringing back another cut at Zeppeldrome, with new pledge levels, new artwork, and a pretty impressive inventory of bits and pieces in the box.  The game isn’t just an airship race.  It’s an airship race where you get to mess with your opponents while trying to run away with the prizes.  Think of it as a Steampunk roller derby in the sky, but, y’know, humorous.


Eternal Dynasty, Zuchinni People Games LLC
$9500 of $22500 goal, Ends 16 February

The artwork screams Eurogame, but the gameplay screams Legend of Five Rings.  A mixture of politics, area control, and military strategy, players vie for control of old China, through whatever means of dynastic succession can keep them on the throne.  Pledge levels include a print-and-play version that you’ll need a lot of cubes and meeples for, but with all the hard work that’s gone into the components for Eternal Dynasty, you’ll want to poodle on over to Kickstarter and grab your own physical copy.


GamerGauge Tabletop Wargaming Measuring Device, Ryan Keller

$9535 of $9650, Ends 18 January (hurry up!)

The coolest minis measure you’ll ever see, these one-inch calipers will lend an “ooh” and “aah” factor to your tabletop games that’s far greater than any mere paint job on your Gnome Wars Pickelhaubes.  Machined out of aluminum and available in a  few different colors, the one you’ll really want is the steampunk version with the decorative gears in the arms.  Get to Kickstarter NOW before the campaign ends.


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