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frontier wars 728x90 KS

GARPA comes back with a couple of new pre-order offerings for you ~

GrogHeads Staff, 16 September 2016


$33500 of $10k, ends 24 SEP 2016

Worthington takes their popular block-based Holdfast series from big land wars (Korea, Russia) and heads to sea, as WWII comes back to life on your tabletop with this new pair of games.  The influence of the classics War at Sea and Victory in the Pacific is obvious, but with the fog of war that block games can give you.  Big region-based maps, and low-complexity gameplay get gamers into the action as fast as possible, and let armchair admirals focus on the war and not the rulebook.  Steam over to their pledge page and fire your salvo at their Kickstarter campaign.


1866: The Struggle For Supremacy In Germany (Compass Games)
$59 Pre-order, $79 MSRP

The family squabble of Austria and Prussia come to life in a war that most Americans forget was going on, since we were busy digging out from the ACW.   It’s a mid-complexity card-driven game with point-to-point movement that just happens to look an awful lot like Paths of Glory.  The game starts before war is actually declared, so the run-up to the fight is just as important to manage as the fight itself.   Mobilize your cash reserves to get your pledge in over at their pre-order page.



Adorable Monsters (Zach Weisman)
$7700 of $10k, ends 17 Oct 2016

A kid-friendly party game about scaring away each others’ monsters comes from kid designer Zach Weisman.  Start with a basic monster and start adding adjectives to scare the neighbors.  Build the kids’ vocabulary by playing a “can you top this” card game that’s a blast with the kids, and uproarious fun with chemically-enhanced adults, too.  Shuffle over to their Kickstarter page, and plunk down your loot for a totes adorbs pledge.


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