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frontier wars 728x90 KS

After a short hiatus, GARPA is back! ~

GrogHeads Staff, 20 May 2016

Polyversal Miniatures Game (Collins Epic Games)
$24k of $30k, ends 9 June 2016

We let Byron chime in on this one in an earlier interview.  After scaling back from an overly-ambitious earlier Kickstarter campaign, Polyversal has relaunched with a leaner, meaner, and slimmer campaign that’s focused on the game and the minis, and less on the terrain.  You still get the same great 6mm minis game with an innovative command system that visually represents command relationships with the layout of the unit cards.  Oh yeah, some of the minis are just wicked cool.  Rumble over to the campaign page at Kickstarter and see what you find!


Gamer Badges (JBM Press)
$6300 of $7500, ends 3 June 2016

Merit badges for gamers.  Yep, it’s really that simple.  Achievement unlocked, get a badge, make everyone laugh, go on gaming.  There’s some pretty funny ones, too, but nothing for transmogrifying into a goat, sorry.  Pop over to Kickstarter and check out the full listing, with badges starting at a $5 pledge.

There are plenty more at the campaign page

There are plenty more at the campaign page


Saltlands (Antler Games)
$62k of $42,700, ends 30 May 2016

We’re blaming Mark Walker for bringing this one to our attention.  It’s a visual feast with some interesting mechanics on interpersonal dynamics that let you double-cross friends, investigate rumors of what’s over the next hill, and negotiate with other players.  The post-apocalyptic setting screams “Mad Max Fury Road” and the components all look top-notch.  It’s already going to press, now it’s just a matter of how many stretch goals you’ll get after you flee over to the campaign page to get in your pledge.



The Dark Eye (Ulysses Spiel)
$72k of $10k, ends 2 June 2016

Das Schwarze Auge Finale comes to the states!  Back in the mid-80s, you couldn’t walk into a toy store in Germany without seeing a wall of DSA materials.  The campaign world is one of the most detailed you’ll ever find, given that the designers have drawn on thousands of years of myths, legends, and fairy tales, and refined them over 30+ years of development.  It’s an attribute-based system that makes RPGs feel fresh again for anyone that hasn’t played DSA before.  And I supposed I should start referring to it as TDE now that they’ve translated it, eh?  Travel on over to the campaign page and check out one of the ‘newest’ RPGs you’ve seen in a while.


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