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frontier wars 728x90 KS

A hefty dose of groggy tabletop goodness from guys that are not the biggest publishers out there ~

GrogHeads Staff, 08 April 2016

Moscow ’41. Wargaming on the Eastern Front (Ventonuovo Games)
$15k of $5600, ends 1 May 2016

Scaling down from the theater-wide Blocks in the East, Ventonuovo’s latest offering focuses on the initial German campaign down Moscow. A block-unit and area-movement game, M’41 lets players re-fight the vital campaign that Hitler was sure would knock the Soviets out of the war. The graphics on the block stickers are fantastic, and the colors pop against the gorgeous map. The Germans are trying to seize Moscow as quickly as possible, while the Soviets are patching their lines with a mixture of remnant units and full-strength, but untested ones, leading a tense sequence of probing, responding, and exploiting on the battlefield. Rumble over to their Kickstarter page and help them get to their stretch goals.



A Glorious Chance (Legion Wargames)
Pre-order $55, MSRP $75, not there yet

A solo game of the War of 1812 on Lake Erie, A Glorious Chance is… ahem, a glorious chance to test your mettle in the age of sail. The Summer of 1813 saw a variety of US and British naval actions across the Great Lakes, as both looked to dominate the border region, and this game gives you operational control of a squadron of ships attempting to “dominate the lake.” Unlike many other solo games, you can play this one from either side, adding to replayability that’s already built in with card-based randomization of ships, missions, and and supplies. Sail over to Legion Games and fire off your pledge.



Revolution Road (Compass Games)
Pre-order $55, MSRP $72, not there yet

Once the British began their move out of Boston, the Colonials in the surrounding town in New England decided to make life as hard as possible for them. Revolution Road gives player the chance to refight the tactical engagements around Concord, with multiple scenarios for each battle. Solitaire rules ensure you can play even with no one around to share the joy of driving the tyrants from the field of battle. Or, y’know, maybe supporting the Brits, instead. March over to Compass Games and stake your claim to your copy.


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