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frontier wars 728x90 KS

GARPA returns for more pre-order goodies ~


HOLDFAST: North Africa 1941-42  (Worthington Publishing)
$21k of $2500, ends 15 March 2016

Worthington’s Holdfast series is back.  After Russia and Korea, they guys head to North Africa.  The standard Holdfast features are back, with fog of war, fast play times, and engaging turn sequences that keep players constantly guessing about what’s up next.  Like every other North Africa game, you need a table that’s about 24 inches wide and 28374652938762 feet long, but you’ll be chasing panzers across the sands before you know it.  Rumble over to their campaign page and you can fire off your pledge.



Tactical Forces  (Steel Game Lab)
$9500 of $22k, ends 10 March 2016

It’s modern-day chess, as your 8×8 board is now 12×12, with units representing army, air force, and navy forces.  Your tactical bases conceal your HQ.  Variable victory conditions keep replayability high.  It’s not going to replace your favorite tabletop wargame, but it might well be that transition you need to push one of your chess-playing friends into something from groggy.  Shift over to their campaign page and drop your pledge with them.



Skies Above the Reich (GMT Games)
p500 – not there yet

Can you defend your land against the endless waves of allied bombers?  Can you marshall your squadron through the war?  Did GMT really make a glorified tower defense game?  It’s a solitaire game of aerial missions, as you seek to lead your Bf109 squadron through the latter stages of the war.  How do you seek to attack the massed formations of allied bombers, and their walls of machine gun fire?  Get your pledge in and you can find out.



Wartime (Playwood Project)
$7500 of $76k, ends 1 April 2016

The visuals are pretty cool, but let’s face it, this is HeroScape for the computer.  It’s variable terrain and hex-based figures fighting it out over a digital landscape.  Clearly the animation is far cooler than a bunch of static tabletop minis; the game moves in real-time, too, so you need to keep your eyes on the prize.  There are cards you can toss onto the battles, so there’s an additional layer of strategy.  The animations look cool, too.  Click over to their campaign page and be wowed before you pledge.



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