Grogheads Previews Field of Glory: Empires!

FoG Empires mainart logo
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Want to see something cool? Come a little closer. Check these out.  No not those…these here…these are some primo Field of Glory – Empires (FogE) screenshots. Yes, we know…Slitherine and Ageod won’t be releasing FogE until July 11th, but we here at Grogheads know people and we were able to score some code early. If you are planning on picking up FogE upon release, you will definitely be interested in these shots.

Lloyd Sabin,

FoG Empires mainart logo

This first series of screens illustrates what is available in the intro…factions, in particular.  A few days ago, only the Grand Campaign, beginning in 310 BC, was available on the startup screen. Then, after an update roughly two days ago, the Pyrrhus of Epirus campaign was unlocked, beginning in 281 BC and giving the player the choice of playing either Rome or Epirus, over the course of 15 turns. This newly released campaign confirms my hopes of a large variety of pending campaigns being made available post-launch.  Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, though.


Grand campiagn


Alexander is dead!

If you look along the left hand side of the faction selection screens, you will not be able to miss the sheer number of factions available to play. They include the old-reliables: the massive and growing empires of Rome, Greece, Carthage and the Diadochi.


Remember the Spartans?

Those alone are enough to make any ancient fan eager to play FoGE, but there are two other tiers of factions available to play as well.  The next level of factions is the list of ‘Remarkable’ ones…states like Armenia, Bactria, Pontus, Sarmatia and Syracuse. All playable from the get go!


Lysimakos, Byzantion, Bithynia, oh my!


Yeah, baby, the Israelites

The final, lowliest tier of factions are listed as ‘Other’…aka ‘unremarkable’…but still playable, if you can hack it! These ordinary kingdoms, states and tribes include Aethiopia, Byzantion, Colchis, Dalmatia, and dozens of others.


Looks surprisingly temperate

Each of the available factions, whether they are superstates, remarkable factions, or just ordinary, are ranked with a five star system for difficulty and interest…five stars for very difficult and five stars for very interesting and descending from there. Beyond difficulty and interest, each faction has its own unique traits, which will help players pick from the dozens available. Or make it more difficult. Replayability is very strong here.



These shots illustrate my early shopping around for that perfect faction in the FogE Grand Campaign. I am pretty sure which one I will begin with…not too difficult, but not located in a sleepy part of the map, either. Over the next few days until release I will put out a couple more of these teasers documenting the early parts of my first campaign, along with a proper review once I have enough time sunk in. Of course, I will try my hand at the much anticipated tactical battles via Field of Glory 2, as well. Let’s hope we have a real Total War competitor on our hands here!


All roads lead to Rome

So for now, enjoy the screenshots and here’s to looking forward to FogE’s release day on July 11!

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