GrogCast Season 6 Episode 8 – Zooming In On The Battle

GrogCast Season 6 Episode 8 – Zooming In On The Battle
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Lucky Friday the 13th of April 2018 ~

Mirth & Cyrano (aka “Chris” and “Jim”) join us to talk about what they played last week, what they preordered last week, and whether or not “ahistorical” results are desirable in a wargame.  We also discuss whether or not games about specific battles (Gettysburg, Stalingrad, Waterloo) are too “pre-ordained” in the way they’re scaled, as though they are “zoomed in” too far.

So we don’t talk so much about specific games as we do specific battles, but the still cover a handful of games, like Age of Eagles, and Tiller’s upcoming Eylau game, along with Paths of Glory, the COIN series, a few different DVG games, Panzer Corps, and some others.

And yes, we’re still shamelessly begging for some ratings on iTunes, in our quest to get enough ratings to show up on their podcast recommendations.


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One Response to GrogCast Season 6 Episode 8 – Zooming In On The Battle

  1. R L M says:

    One of the best episodes in the series, in large part because it focuses on larger issues, including design and whether games can be simulations and vice versa. Enormously enjoyable to listen to, and to ponder. And it’s a nice change from some of the episodes which are full of inside jokes about your friendships and personal quirks that are entertaining, but that some listeners might not quite get.

    I’ve not played Trenchfoot, but I may end up getting a copy of that GDW game, if only because it’s at least an effort to try to get at the issue of tactical combat in WW1 early and by a well-known and highly regarded designer. I would note that while you all are right in noting the difficulty of modelling trench warfare from a tactical perspective and concluding that it’s probably a forlorn hope given what seems to have happened a century ago in those fields of France, there are some games out there which do a pretty fine and insightful job. I’m think here of David Isby’s “Soldiers” from SPI and John Gorkowski’s “Red Poppies” series. There have been some efforts that fell way short, such as Critical Hit’s attempt to teleport ASL to WW1–a game that was in all likelihood driven by their company policy of selling product instead of fashioning credible simulations. At the same time, there is some good work out there on the subject (“Landships” and “No Man’s Land” also come to mind as noble efforts that work rather well).

    Thanks again for an excellent episode.

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