GrogCast Season 6 Episode 5 – Walking Backwards Thru History, part 2

GrogCast Season 6 Episode 5 – Walking Backwards Thru History, part 2
The GrogCast

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23 March 2018 ~

Brant and Craig dive back into their discussion of favorite games for each different historical era, and are joined by Max HeadroomJim O, who does love him some Napoleonics.  We start at WWI and back up to Napoleon and some games between him and the American War of Independence.

So yes, we cover a lot of ground, from Tiller’s Squad Battles and his other big 1914 WWI games (East/West Front), Khyber Rifles, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, System 7, Ultimate General, C&C The Great War, A House Divided, War! Age of Imperialism, Hundred Days Battles, Paths of Glory, Victoria II, Total War: Napoleon, Rule the Waves, Like Lions They Fought, Sails of Glory, John Company, Manouevre, Battle Cry (and double Battle Cry!), Columbia’s Napoleon, the original Kriegspiel, and others.  “What did you play this week” also includes Synthetik, Gloomhaven, C&C Napoleonics, and an unnamed 4X game still in playtest.

So WWI, late 1800s, the ACW, Napoleon, and going back to (but not quite including) the AWI – what are your favorites?

And yes, we’re still shamelessly begging for some ratings on iTunes, in our quest to get enough ratings to show up on their podcast recommendations.


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