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GrogCast Season 6 Episode 4 – Getting the Kids in the Game

GrogCast Season 6 Episode 4 – Getting the Kids in the Game
The GrogCast

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16 March 2018 ~

MetalDog returns, and James Sterrett hops on board for a discussion of getting the kids into the game.

What games?  Our weekly “what did you play” is always fun when Dr Sterrett stops by, since he does this for a living and tells us all about the current professional tabletop games he’s running in his instructional capacity, and 7 Wonders just won’t go away.

And for the kids?  Well, there’s a bunch of RPG discussion, but also games for the younger kids like Kids of Carcassonne and Jamaica before we move into Conflict of Heroes (with a Hoth expansion?!?) and different Star Wars tabletop games, along with Avalon, Wings of Glory (and a dinosaur?), Hollow Cell, and BSG.  Oh, and the ethics of joining a lynch mob, either in real life, or in Are You A Werewolf?  We also talk a variety of computer and console games for the kids, such as Minecraft, Mechwarrior, and Fortnite, but mostly its about how do we get the kids involved and keep the right level of sociability in what they play.

What was the first game you introduced to a kid?

And yes, we’re still shamelessly begging for some ratings on iTunes, in our quest to get enough ratings to show up on their podcast recommendations.


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