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GrogCast Season 5 – Premiere Episode

GrogCast Season 5 – Premiere Episode
The GrogCast

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7 July 2017 ~

Kicking off our new season with Cyrano, Panzerde, and Barthheart, the three amigos talk about wargaming in the age of gunpowder, kriegspiel vs hex-and-counter, and some Origins entertainment (yes, we’re still talking about Origins – it was fun, OK?).

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One Response to GrogCast Season 5 – Premiere Episode

  1. Andrew Borgelin says:

    I have only recently found the Grogcast section on this site and have been listening to some of the back issues as it were….well I have to congratulate you because I was listening to this episode, walking along the rain sodden roads of Bath England when I heard Jim waxing lyrical about the Kriegspiele game….man it was 11.30 at night on those rain soaked streets in Bath and no body else was around …you guys had me laughing out loud at the antics of Blucher and the consternation of where Brunswick was….Guy’s I am Brunswick and I can tell you that I fully endorse his sentiment as I have always been caught thinking where the hell is Blucher and what in Gid’s name is he doing! That section of this episode was just so funny to stumble across…thanks it made my night. Cheers Brunswick.

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