GrogCast Season 5 Episode 13 – Can You Hear Me Now?

GrogCast Season 5 Episode 13 – Can You Hear Me Now?
The GrogCast

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29 September 2017 ~

Holy crap! Yes, Michael – Banzai Cat himself – returns to the show, as he and Mirth join Brant to talk about games that really need their graphics updated, games with superb graphics, and games that do a lousy job of representing actual unit cohesion and chain of command on the battlefield.

What games do we discuss (or at least mention)?  ASL, Liberty Roads, PanzerGrenadier, Orange Crush, Gliders in the Sky, HALO, Tac Air, World at War ’85, TechNo Bowl, FSX, Beat Cop, Last Blitzkrieg, Star Wars Battlefront, Lock ‘n Load Tactical, and, uh, what was that one… Japanese designer…  MMP…  really cool graphics…  if only I had a computer to look it up!

Yes, we’re still shamelessly begging for some ratings on iTunes, in our quest to get enough ratings to show up on their podcast recommendations.

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